Tuesday, April 30, 2013

More to an introvert

 I always thought I'm a weird kind of extrovert, but after reading this, I realize that I'm more an introvert than a extrovert. Take a few minutes to read this and I will tell you why I say so. ^^

Finish? And you are still here? GREAT! You care about me~ TT

No. 1 Introvert is not someone that is withdrawn, but the way they gain energy!
I gain energy by spending time with myself. I recharge by having a nap or read a book or watch a movie. I enjoy ALONE time and is ESSENTIAL for me. When I feel down, I just need to get away and everything will be all right. Some people feels is weird, but this is just how I am.

No.2 They tend to see extroverts as obvious predators out to steal their sweet sweet energy juice.
There is this incident that I can never forget. It happened when I first move in with my friends and we had a steamboat dinner so that we can know each other more. One of them is an extroverts. She is always on the top of her world and "high". When I see that I withdrawn from her and reluctant to interact with her. I don't normally do that, I always wonder why I only do this to some people, now I know why.

No. 3 Interaction is just too expensive and they don't want to spend it on something annoying (read: wasteful).
Ok. This is the tricky part, I do like interaction, but I don't like to waste my time on useless conversation. For example, there are people will just look for me out of the blue and I know there is a reason behind it. So I will like them to cut the chase and straight go to the point. But somehow they just like to go round and round before hitting the main point and I hate it! But note this, this only applies to those who have no intention to build relationship with me but to get things done. IF your intention is to build relationship, you are more than welcome (provided I want it too), but if you are not, state your case and GET OUT! LOL!

No.4 It is important for introverts to feel welcome - they won't spend their precious energy on someone who doesn't want them around.
Somehow this is true. If I feel welcome, no matter what I do (even I might be just sitting there and looking around) I will still feel comfortable. If not, even if there are people talking to me, I feel awkward. Somehow in my case, I think the first few minutes is essential. I think...

No. 5 Respect personal space.
I don't like the idea of people touching me for no reason! Unless you have my permission, if not DON'T TOUCH ME!!!!

I don't mean that I do not enjoy any form of relationship or interaction with others, in fact I enjoy it very much. I enjoy hanging out with the HOLDs, going to CG and etc. Just that sometimes I prefer to have some ALONE time. That's all! And remember, silence is not a bad thing, it might just means that I'm low in juice.

I think once you are in the hamster ball of a introvert, you are IN. But if one day you just suddenly decided to go out from it, the introvert will get crazy and sad and find it even harder to let someone else in. So appreciate your introverts yo!


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