Sunday, December 23, 2012

Things That I Do #2

Ever since I started working, I have less time drawing. Not only that, because I need to bring my laptop to work, I seldom on my laptop when I'm at home. I will only take it out during the weekend. I still draw during the week, just need my laptop to put color and stuff. So I think from now on I can only finish up my comics on weekends.  Do bare with me until I get myself another laptop, which will not be in the near future I guess.

Anyway, here you are, Things That I Do #2. 

I think this is funny, but somehow my drawing don't show it. So the story is this, I went to a bank the other day and there was a very long queue. Then suddenly out of no where I got a stomachache. But banks being banks have no toilets. So out of desperation, I went out and look for a toilet. Thank God there is a fast food restaurant next door but I was embarrassed to just go in to use the toilet because the counter is directly in front of the entrance. So I went in and pretended to talk on the phone saying stupid things like "Where are you?!" "What?! you are not here yet?!" "okok! I wait for you" and acted like I was waiting for someone in WcD. Then when no one was looking, I ran into the toilet. hahahahahahaha! So much acting just to go toilet. Stupid! But after that, I just walk out of the restaurant like nobody's business. What done is done, what can they do right? XD

Does the drawing make sense now? Haha~ I will try harder next time. 

Friday, December 21, 2012

I'm a fish! I can't climb trees

“Everybody is a genius. But, if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it’ll spend its whole life believing that it is stupid.” – Albert Einstein

Always find this quote interesting and meaningful. Is just so very true you know. Some people spend their whole life living, thinking that they are not good enough but actually they are just placed in the wrong place.

Ever wonder if the thing you are doing is not what you are really good at? My philosophy is this, what you learned might not be what you do best. What you do best might not be what you have learned.

I always feel that passion is the key to every success in life. I'm always amazed by stories or testimonies about people that insist on their dream and really work on it. They know their goal, they know what they want, even when people say is impossible, they would say "I'm possible"! And that really impresses me.

But the journey towards your dream or goal is not always easy, no, I think is never easy. Others will tend to say "No!", because what they see is impossibles and road blocks along the way. But the question is what do you see?

I'm no expert in chasing dreams, but there is this fire inside of me that somehow cannot be shower off. No matter how many times I've given up in the past few years, it always come back. Nothing has changed about that dream throughout the years, it remain the same and it remain unachieved.

I don't know if someday I'll say my dreams came through. But I know and I know that if I never give it a try, I will regret about it and wonder what will happen if I at least give it a try. Successful or not to me is just not important. I want to be able to say "at least I tried" when I lay on my dead bed.

So please, I asked, do not say that I'm stupid when you ask me to climb a tree, I'm a fish.

Side track a little bit, life is just too short to be concern what other people think. Just do what you want to do as long as it does not hurt or harm others. It might cause someone else to be disappointed, but hey, is your life! You gonna try what you wanna try! Reputation, judgement and opinions does not matter that much. Don't you think so?

Monday, December 17, 2012

And my dad says, these 2 are daughters!

Went to Malacca for a short family holiday with sis and my papa and mama for the weekend. We decided to stop by my dad's friend's restaurant to have lunch. When my dad was paying, the below conversation took place:

Casher: You have two daughters?

Dad: Ya! 2 daughters!

Me: And one more son!

Dad: Ya, I have another son.

(Pause for a while and look at me)

Dad: But these 2 are daughters!

I gave my dad a look like below.

Hahaha! Sometimes I can really look like a dude! With my assets being so limited, is not difficult for me to look like a boy (if you know what I mean). But I don't mind looking like a boy or being misunderstood as a boy. Well, most of the time.

When I was in Singapore, it happens to me every time! When I give up a sit to an aunty she say "Thank you, ah boy!". When I go to the hawker centre, the aunty asked me "Ah boy, what you want to drink?". Some of my classmates even mistaken me as a boy on our first day of school. It was until I went into the girl's washroom only they realise I'm a girl. LOL!

Oh! I wore something like this when I was in that restaurant! Look like a boy meh? I kinna love this outfit combination!

By the way, Sorry guys! Didn't notice that the video in the previous post was not there until I check it this morning. If you guys did not watched the video, I encourage u do so by viewing my previous post here.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I do like Wey Lie

Was superbly nervous yesterday night because I need to start work today. I kind of struggle in bed with my heart pumping very hard and fast out of my nervousness. To make myself more relax so that I could sleep, I went on to YouTube and watch my recent subscribed channel "ilikeweylie". And I got to say this, I really really like her!!!! She's super funny! Especially in this video below that she did around 2 years ago to teach people how to get over a guy. Hahahahaha

(Assuming you have view the video) Isn't she funny???!!! I can't stop laughing and she really made my night!

Hope you guys enjoy it too!!!! And if u like it, go ahead and subscribe her channel!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Things that I do #1

Wee!!! This is my first comic ever!!!! hehehehehehe~ I've been wanting to do this for a very long time already. But I always give up because back then it was just too difficult for me to make it happen. Somehow I just find it difficult to draw using software, or maybe I was using the wrong software to draw. I don't know.

But this time around having my iPad, it make things easier. I draw using iPad, color and edit using my computer. Is easier than I though, just that there is some details that I need to take note of. And many thanks to my sis, because with her support and nagging constant reminding, I finally got it done! 

So this is it, "Things that I Do #1". 

So the other day me and my sis went to the supermarket. And as you guys might notice, somewhere nearby the entrance there will be some sort of rack full with their brochure (or something something, those paper full with their promotion items). The rack was empty, but with the sign of "please take one" I can't help but to make a joke out of it. I went forward and took the rack. My sister was stunned! But she laugh too!

When I went back again after a few minutes, the whole rack was gone. My sis told me that those guards saw what I did. Do they really think that I will steal it? Owh please~

Hope you guys enjoy my first short comic. I will try to draw more. Already had one idea in mind regarding what I just did few days ago. haha~ I do silly stuff, is my thing! XD

Fats donor wanted!! anyone?

Since I got a job already, I have another reason to go shopping. To get more working cloths and fill up my boring wardrobe. Besides that, having a job means I will have income, which also means that I got money to shop!

But honestly, being skinny sucks! Yeah~ You read it right! It sucks to be skinny like me! Is super duper hard for me to buy cloths. Normal brands don't have size for me. Normally the smallest size they have is S, which is also too big for me. That's why I have no choice but to go and get more pricey brands. Is not at all fun being skinny. Is very costly, do you know that?

So to those out there, trying to slim down. Please don't slim down to my size. Is not worth it!!! I can't even shop for brands that I like just because I'm too small size. Why la?! why?!!! Uniqlo! why you no sell XS for me? why?!

Haih~ It seems like having money is not all that it takes, but having the right body size/shape is more essential.

It took me around 4 hours just to get a pair of pants and a shirt. And both of these I get from the same old brand that I used to wear. Want to buy something new also cannot. TT I tried on more than 20 outfits today, but it does't suits me at all. Is just too big.

That's why I started my plan of gaining weight by eating peanut butter. hahaha. My mom say I should eat butter instead, but I refuse to because butter have no taste. Anyway, I still can't see any sign of me gaining weight yet. And I do pray that I gain weight equally throughout my body, if not I might just have big tummy. Just from xs to x will be good enough! XD

How I wish there is some machine that can transfer fat. I sure there are many donors out there.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Be alert! No longer safe in Condominium/ Apartment compound

I went back to my hometown last weekend and my sister was left alone here in the apartment. On Saturday night when she came back from church, she almost got robbed. But thank God she is safe and nothing was stolen. This was how it happen. I hope that you can share it with your friends who stay in apartments or condominium. We always thought that having guards in the condominium compound means we are safe, but sadly this is no longer true.

As I said, I went back to hometown therefore my sister went to church alone on Saturday night. When she came back from church, it was around 8.00pm and it was raining. As usual she drove to our parking lot and came out from the car. Suddenly, a black car drove near and a Indian guy came out from the car. We always had our car washed by some of the Indians that offer car wash services, so my sister thought he was one of them and came to ask us to pay for their service. But to my sister's surprise, the first sentence utter by the men was "Kunci kereta mari!" (meaning: give me the car keys). My sister was stunned then the guy repeat the same sentence. When he saw my sister still did not do anything, he tried to grab her. But thank God my sister was fast and she quickly squad a little to avoid his hand then she run towards the guard while shouting very loud. There are 2 other girls that saw her, but unfortunately they were stunned too and did not do anything to help my sister. When my sister finally reach the guard, he looked blur and seems like clueless on what he suppose to do. It was my sister who told him to contact the main guard house to stop the car (which is at the entrance of the condominium), but instead of doing that, he asked my sister to walked to the guard house with him. At the guard house, my sister asked them if they saw any black car went out, but they say they did not notice anything. Which make us to think whether it is an inside job. Because come to think of it, if the guy succeed to steal our car, he would need a car pass to get out (since there will be no visitor pass for our car), therefore we believe that there is a high chance that it is an inside job.

So please friends, be careful! Do not think that as long as you are in the apartment/condominium compound you are safe. But for every minute and every second be alert of your surroundings. And friends, if next time you see someone shouting, please try not to just leave them alone. I know you might be afraid that it is some scheme to hurt/ harm you. But the least you can do, for yourself and the victim is to shout and get more attention.

Is sad, but the truth is we are no longer safe. So please be careful and alert.

I really believe that it is God protection that safe my sister. Is kind of supernatural for a girl to react so quickly in that kind of situation. And I thank God that when the car came (there were more than one person, one driving and another came down from the car), they did not stop it directly behind our car, if not it might be impossible for my sister to get away. I also thank God that the person did not chase after my sister after she ran away if not who will know what might happen. I'm truly grateful that she is safe.

Monday, December 3, 2012

If 2012 is end of the world

I don't know about you all, but these few days I've been seeing posts after posts on FB about a video. I tried finding it in YouTube but I think it is uploaded via other website.

Basically the video is about this group of people call Maya. They are very good in maths and astronomy and somehow with their intelligence they could draw the other side of the moon in their ancient temple which scientist could not figure out how they did it because only one side of the moon face the earth. So the thing is this, they say 21 December 2012 is the end of the world because the moon, sun and earth will line up in a straight line and have something to do with the black hole. Which they say will affect the balance of the earth and natural disasters might happen and thus the end of the world.

Phew~ so the thing is this, what if 2012 is really the end of the world? Will I have any regrets before I die? Think about it for a second, I most probably will not think of what other say bout me before I die but I will regret not doing those things I wanted to do. Can't let fear be in the way! So I've decided to dedicate this month (since still house-sister)  to do whatever that I planned but have yet to start on it. Have a few ideas in mind already, so stay tuned!!!!!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

"Do whatever you like" line

The word "unemployed" sound so negative, that's why I've found ways to describe my current position. The other day when all my CG members were introducing themselves and what line/industry they were in, I told them I'm in the "do whatever you like" line. hahaha. Stupid me, come out with all sorts of silly ideas. I thought of another one too! Next time I'll introduce myself as a full time "house-sister"(inspired by the word "housewife"). Since I'm cooking for my sister, it sounds appropriate right?

In the end, iPhone 5 is still not launched yet. Sigh~ Sort of expected it though, but is ok, is good for me too since I'm low (very very low) in income for now.

Saw the below video on FB the other day. Man! Samsung is becoming a game changer! (Maybe like what Apple did long ago?) Just be viewing this video makes me want to buy it already (since I want to have a smaller camera). I LOVE their expert mode! Man! is like using a DSLR with preview of it. It will be way much easier to control all the settings. And I do have to say this again, is super light and small compare to DSLR!!!! Argh!!!Mister Santa Clause, I've been a very good girl this year, can I have this for Christmas??

Just in case Santa Clause isn't real, I better practice more and take more photos. Hopefully by the time I hit 2000, they already come out with something better, lighter and more user friendly. Hm... maybe when the time comes, the price would be lower too? XD

Here's some pictures of my nephew! Cute little guy, not afraid of strangers and don't cry. But also hard to entertain, he don't smile at all!!! Act cool! XD