Monday, April 15, 2013

I gave in to reality

I remember the days I bragged about choosing between reality and dream and I will always choose the later. But time proves me wrong, when the decision is in my hand, I did not do what I thought I will do.

I couldn't believe that this will happen to me. As the girl in the phone said "I want to know which will you choose, dream or reality." Sadly I told her I will choose the later one.

My sis said I did the right thing as the dream that was displayed was just a stone in a smoke screen. It ain't diamond at all! Why leave reality to go for disaster. She said if I did choose to give up all and go into the smoke screen, I will soon realize that reality is better than this "dream".

I cannot say I disagree with her, in many ways it is clear to me that it ain't diamond but an ugly stone. Which eventually will give me another wake up call for a need to dream again. But still, I never thought I will turn it down without giving any further consideration. The speed of me giving up on it, before analyzing the situation scares me. What if one day reality sucks me in and I've forgotten all that I dreamed of?

Everyday I got to remind myself of that dream, of that vision, of that fire that God placed in my heart.

Never thought I will walk down this path alone. But then again, God knows.

You number my wanderings; Put my tears into Your bottle; Are they not in Your book? 
~Psalm 56:8


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