Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Small things and BIG THINGS!

"I think God want me to learn what I didn't learned last year."

I've mentioned this to Keith before but I never put in deep thoughts to it. But it occurs to me this morning that everything that should take place last year happen exactly one year after.

Sooooooo Jonah. ><

Anyway, I've been having the same thoughts over and over again and is really killing me. No wonder they say some battle is for you to fight forever. Every time this thought comes to my mind, I will have this inner ring saying "you thought about this yesterday!" and then the battle begins. Again.

I think there is no total victory in this type of battle unless you found your way out of the situation. But to me, if the battle is shorter than yesterday is already a victory. Because as far as I'm concern, there isn't any way out for me. Yet.

So I learn to smile for small little things. Things like someone blessed me a bread, my tomyam soup taste superbly nice, a kid smile at me or my senior do something funny or big things like Pastor Tan is coming to preach! Yes! He is in town and he is going to preach in CHCKL tonight! I'm a happy little girl today!

Been looking forward to him coming since I know he is coming. Hahahaha! Pastor Tan is my favorite among all the teachers in SOT. I was so happy when I took a Instax Picha with him, and yes the photo is still in my wallet! >< Ok, this sounds a bit creepy. I just like him a lot as my TEACHER and PASTOR ok?! A lot of the girls in SOT like him a lot! They all want a husband like him. LOL

I put some thoughts to this, and I think that listening to him is like going on an adventure  There is so much to see and observe. And while you are busy absorbing, he will then throw something to you out of no where! He will open up your eyes on the word of God and the truth he share will convict your heart! Pastor Tan never fails to make me fall in love with the word of God once again.

Really can't wait to hear him later!!!!!!!

Join us if you want to! No! No matter you want or not also must come! Is something you don't want to miss!!!


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