Wednesday, November 28, 2012

New Proton Preve Review

Since coming back from Singapore, I've been having some problem on transportation. My sister is studying part-time now so she will need the on certain days. Besides that, there are times that we both need the car. With me not having any job yet is still easy for us to make arrangement, but I can't help but to think what if I start work soon? I would definitely need the car.

So I can't help but to think that maybe we should get another car. And on the top of my mind appear is Malaysia's auto website carsifu. Got to know this website few years ago, and since then whenever I want to browse through cars, I will visit their website. Mainly because their website is easy to use and they have different types of cars. Other than that, is easy to compare the price of different type of cars. For those who is on tight budget, second hand cars are also available in the website. So to me is just all in one, easy and simple.

This time around my focus is on our national car - Proton. My knowledge on Proton cars are minimum. I think the latest model I know is Gen-2 which if not mistaken was launched years ago. So I find it interesting to see so many different types of proton cars available that I’ve not known before.

One of the cars that caught my attention is this brand new model by proton, Proton Preve.

I did some small research on this car (by research I mean google! XD), and apparently Preve is the first Proton model ever to receive a 5-star Malaysian Vehicle Assessment Programme (MyVAP) rating by the Malaysian Institute of Road Safety (MIROS). Good to know about that! I need as much protection as possible when it comes to driving, even my friends from Singapore say that my angel need to work double to keep me safe on the road! ><

One of the features that caught my attention was how spacious the car is. Even with 508L of boot space, the car still has a very spacious rear’s leg room. I think with the traffic jam in KL is better to have more leg room, if not is will not be good for our back posture. Trust me on this, I have back ache for years already.

Other than that, they also have functions like average fuel consumption, distance to empty tank, battery health and faulty bulb indicator (and so on) which my current car have none of it!  Why la!!!!

From what I read, I like this car. Would really consider about it when I got a job! Teehee~ If you are interested just go to their website and search for Proton Preve for sale!

Y u no launch iPhone 5???

Maxis!!!! Y u no offer iPhone 5???!!!!

If not mistaken, iPhone 5 was officially launched in September. 2 months passed by but still there is no news of it coming out any soon.

I've heard so many rumours, seen so many so called 'indicators' of iPhone 5 launching in Malaysia soon. But needless to say they all bring nothing but dissapointments.

At first I heard they say iPhone 5 is going to launch in end of October, then some genius found this thing in Mid-Valley website or something saying it will have iPhone 5 promo in  the beginning of November. And now, they say is going to be out by tomorrow (29/11). I don't know if is true or not, just got to wait and see.

Seriously, why none of the companies is offering iPhone 5 till now? If really there is a reason behind it, then why none of the companies give us a estimated date of when they will launch iPhone 5? Why let customers wait and dwell in rumors and get disappointed?

Some of my friends who said will get iPhone 5 previously get fed up and they end up buying Samsung. I'm not saying Samsung phone is bad, I'm just saying letting your potential customer wait like this make you lose customers. Bad marketing strategy!!!!

Me too a bit sick of waiting and can't wait to get myself a smart phone. So Maxis, please be smart, at least let me know when can??

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Road Trip!!!!

My parents came up to celebrate my bro's belated birthday last weekend. From what I heard from my sis, the sky became dark when they were having lunch. So my parents just quickly pack their stuff and go home to avoid the rain.

That same night when me and my sister were fooling around in her room, I saw my mom's license on the dressing table. We quickly call her up and after her discussion with my dad they decided to meet us up at the middle point between our place and my hometown, that is Seremban. My sis took this advantage and persuaded my parents to bring us  to this restaurant which is famous for their crab. My parents being my parents agree to that, since my dad will not say no to his daughters (quote this from my mom).

Thus begin our road trip. (Ok la... We only meet them up the next evening, not like there is any restaurant that still do business in the middle of the night. Duh!)

It was a very fun trip, we played some music in the car and have our very own karaoke session. Then we saw smoke coming out of no where and pass by the lorry that was on fire.

After that, we saw this guy riding the motorbike in a funniest way ever!!! I literally laugh till my stomach pain like no body's business. And to top it all, we have a really really amazing dinner!!!!

We weren't really sure if we went to the right restaurant. My mom was convinced it is since their signboard have picture of crab on it. So we just went ahead, and when we saw Ah Xian's board there, we were all convinced that it was the right place! 

We ordered 4 dishes. Taufu with vege, stir fried kang kung, coconut chicken soup and of course marmite crab (their signature crab)!!!

Nothing much to say about their taufu. It doesn't taste bad, but it did not impress me either.

Their stir fried kang Kung is the best that I ever had!!! Normally I prefer kang Kung belacan, but their stir fried kang Kung impresses me a lot! They use a lot of garlic to cook with the kang Kung and you just can taste that the fire is big enough when they cook this dish! Yummy!!!!!

This is the first time I tasted coconut chicken soup. Is something different, very smooth and you can taste the sweetness of the coconut in the soup. I don't really love it, because I'm more towards salty taste when it comes to soup.

Last, the crab!!! By far, this is the second best crab I've ever taster! (Number one is of course my mom's la!) you can clearly taste the freshness of the crab. I couldn't stop eating. The meat's texture was so perfect, every bite of it is like heaven inside my mouth! Oh~~~~ I'm hungry already.

I don't know the exact address, but do search for this signboard if you want to have a taste of it.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Missions I'm Possible!!!

When I was young, I always wanted things that others have or just things that interest me. My mom, knowing me since I was born will not simply buy me something just in case the "hot-season" of that particular toy will end soon. So she came out with this idea of trial run. How does it work? Is very simple. For example, I remember this one time that I wanted an alarm clock soooo badly because my sister bought a new one. So I insisted to have one myself and asked my mom for it. My mom knows why I wanted one, not because I needed one, but because I just want it for the sake of having it. Besides, if I'm not mistaken, alarm clock can't really wake me up. To make sure I will really use it, my mom lend me her alarm clock and let me use it for a week. The trick is this, for the entire week, I will have to get my ass out of my bed when the alarm rings. With a brand new alarm clock in mind, I survived that one week. But I don't remember if I was awaken by the alarm clock after my mom bought me one.

Years passed by and I'm still the same. I want to get things just to be trendy, just because that particular thing looks cool or maybe because others say is good ( and it look cool). But with those kind of past record, I dare not simply spend my money just on things that I want. So with the inspiration from my mom, I decided to put my "wants" into test before getting them. Therefore, I came out with 2 missions ( hopefully not impossible). 

1. Mission "Melody 20"
I saw a white guitar in church and I really like it. It looks super cool and nice and most importantly my friend, who is a musician told me that the sound of the guitar is very good too. So I wanted it, having the mindset that I will be motivated to really learn how to play guitar. But the thing is, I already have one at home. So, to make sure that i will use it, I'm determined that I will only (consider) get the guitar if I've learn how to play 20 songs. 

So far I've learned one song and I must say it is a very good experience. This is my first time ever finish learning how to play a song. Normally I'll give up after few days. 

The completion of a song is determined by my sister who apparently have more talent in music than me. 19 more to go!

2. Mission "2000"

I wanted a semi-pro camera for a very long time already. I feel that it is lighter for me to bring it around compared to the DSLR that my dad bought me yeas ago. "Inconvenient" had been the excuses for me not to bring my camera out. But I figure if I really gonna buy a new camera, I better learn how to take good pictures first. So I came out with this mission of snapping 2000 presentable/ nice photos before getting a more convenient/lighter camera. Of course, the judge of these photos is not me but my best friend/ personal assistant/ fashion consultant. By far, she only approve one. Hu~~ long way to go.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

When the word "sales" appear

Somehow I can't help but to believe that there is a magic spell in One Utama that will attract me there and spend money shopping.

I went there on Monday night to have dinner with my sister since she say she wanted to have sushi. I insisted to go to Hokkaido Ichiba, One Utama because compared to the crowd, food and service that I experienced in other outlets, Hokkaido in One Utama is the best! (I will remember to take picha next time!)

After dinner and on our way to Jusco to get some grocery, we past by one of my favorite shop with very attracting and evil word that lure my attention - SALE! Puma was having sales! And a very big one! They were giving 30% off on selected items and 50% off when buy 2 and above. I can't help it but to go in to have a look. Because I wanted a pair of shoes for a very very long time but I haven't bought it yet. The last time I enter into Puma, I almost bought a pair but persuaded myself not to because I somehow felt that new designs are coming out. Although I don't really like the new designs, but my patient pay off, the shoes that I wanted was on sales!

Having that in mind, I immediately text my "fashion consultant" and book her for Tuesday since is a holiday and she do not need to work.

So we went there yesterday and man! The sales in Puma is bigger than I thought. At first I thought buy the first item on 30% and if I buy 2, the second item will be 50% off. But when we asked the promoter there, he told us is when you buy 2 or above items of the same categories, all will be 50% off! I was shocked! And there they were, displaying in front of me. One was the one I wanted previously, and the other was the one I was determined to get. My brain started to move and I calculated how much I need to pay if I buy  both. I only need to pay an extra RM30 to get the second shoes if I buy the first pair at 30% off. Long story short, I buy both shoes without any promoter assisting me to get my shoes. Hahaahahahaha!!! When you have sales, you just need cashier! XD

So here are some picha of my shoes. Will post me wearing them sometime later~  wee~~~

Thursday, November 8, 2012

It was smooooooooth~~

I've been in a very very very bad condition since last week. My emotions hit rock bottom after facing countless disappointments and 2 rejections from the companies that I really really hope to get in. My plan for a oversea trip next year was flush into toilet even though I tried my best to make it happen and I bloody got lost in KL. (p/s: I hate it when guys are so full of their ego and don't even bother to say sorry)

Come to think of it, I'm just being stupid. But thank God that in times like this I still have a bunch of crazies that I could hang out with. They are my Uni-DJ club mates. Some of them was there for me in times of sorrow and pain. I'm super duper glad that I went out with themlast Saturday. If it wasn't for them, I might sink myself with endless emo-ness. 

We went to have a drink at "The Sanctuary", The Curve. I don't really like to drink after I was drunk in Langkawi few years ago and since then I can't really stand alcohol smell. So when they order liqueur, I order cocktail. But they insisted me to try it out. I didn't like the first one they ordered, but the second bottle was smooooth!!!!!  It was so freaking smooth that I keep drinking! XD 

I was so high that day that my dear friend Epink said she will never ever  bring me go drinking again because she have to take care of me. Well, I have a confession, I really wasn't drunk that day, I can remember every single conversation that I made. I was being silly and stupid. All I wanted to do was have fun. And I really did have fun. That night (Or should I say morning? XD), I went to bed with a smile!

I'm really really grateful to have a night out with them at time like this. 

Before I end, here's a combination of my singing and drawing as promised in previous post. Prepare your hearts too ya!!!!! (Please mute the video and see my drawing if you really don't like my singing~~~)

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Please prepare your heart

I still cannot believe that is November already! I haven't even heard or sang the song "Wake me up when September ends".

(I wanted to post the original MV but man, the intro and story is freaking long!!!!! )

Gosh~ time flies!!! And apparently it flies even quicker when you have nothing to do at home. Ya~ I'm sill unemployed. And man! This feeling sucks! My perfect plan was to start work by November, and until now, I only have one interview waiting for me this Thursday. I got rejected by all the other companies that I was hoping to get. If the situation is not going to change, I think I will be out of my mind!!!

I finally found the installer for the Pokemon game I was talking about and I kept playing non-stop since I have nothing to do. But I'm getting a bit sick of it already. Kinda meaningless I guess, or maybe is just not as productive (in giving me joyful feeling) as it used to be. >< I still play for a while when I'm watching drama, apparently I still have my multitasking skills.

This is how my screen look like most of the time

So to fill up my time, I found a few new addictions and one of it is singing. This is what happen. We all know Jayeslee is a big hit right? So last year when we went to our family trip, I was joking with my sister that we should do something like that! I shall learn the guitar and we should start practicing. I even told my sis that we could be the Chinese version of Jayeslee! Haha. I had no idea where the confidence came from. But then this "master plan" of ours didn't work out since I went to Singapore for 7 months. I brought it up last few weeks and me and my sister started singing and before I knew it,she was recording my singing. No offence to Samsung, but the clip that she recorded was way bad in quality. So I decided to record it myself using my beloved iPad. Long story short, you can hear me singing here. Please prepare your heart before you click play. XD

If you heard it, the "wu~~ wu~~" part scares me too! XD

The second addiction that I have now is drawing. I like to draw, most of the time I draw with my iPad or if I'm drawing myself, I'll draw on a piece of paper. But I stop drawing for sometime already. But with new colours available in my iPad app "Paper", I'm addicted to drawing again. And this time I even bought myself drawing book to do some old school style of drawing and colouring. I'm not a pro in drawing, but I enjoy every single second of it. Will show you guys the pichas in my next post!