Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Missions I'm Possible!!!

When I was young, I always wanted things that others have or just things that interest me. My mom, knowing me since I was born will not simply buy me something just in case the "hot-season" of that particular toy will end soon. So she came out with this idea of trial run. How does it work? Is very simple. For example, I remember this one time that I wanted an alarm clock soooo badly because my sister bought a new one. So I insisted to have one myself and asked my mom for it. My mom knows why I wanted one, not because I needed one, but because I just want it for the sake of having it. Besides, if I'm not mistaken, alarm clock can't really wake me up. To make sure I will really use it, my mom lend me her alarm clock and let me use it for a week. The trick is this, for the entire week, I will have to get my ass out of my bed when the alarm rings. With a brand new alarm clock in mind, I survived that one week. But I don't remember if I was awaken by the alarm clock after my mom bought me one.

Years passed by and I'm still the same. I want to get things just to be trendy, just because that particular thing looks cool or maybe because others say is good ( and it look cool). But with those kind of past record, I dare not simply spend my money just on things that I want. So with the inspiration from my mom, I decided to put my "wants" into test before getting them. Therefore, I came out with 2 missions ( hopefully not impossible). 

1. Mission "Melody 20"
I saw a white guitar in church and I really like it. It looks super cool and nice and most importantly my friend, who is a musician told me that the sound of the guitar is very good too. So I wanted it, having the mindset that I will be motivated to really learn how to play guitar. But the thing is, I already have one at home. So, to make sure that i will use it, I'm determined that I will only (consider) get the guitar if I've learn how to play 20 songs. 

So far I've learned one song and I must say it is a very good experience. This is my first time ever finish learning how to play a song. Normally I'll give up after few days. 

The completion of a song is determined by my sister who apparently have more talent in music than me. 19 more to go!

2. Mission "2000"

I wanted a semi-pro camera for a very long time already. I feel that it is lighter for me to bring it around compared to the DSLR that my dad bought me yeas ago. "Inconvenient" had been the excuses for me not to bring my camera out. But I figure if I really gonna buy a new camera, I better learn how to take good pictures first. So I came out with this mission of snapping 2000 presentable/ nice photos before getting a more convenient/lighter camera. Of course, the judge of these photos is not me but my best friend/ personal assistant/ fashion consultant. By far, she only approve one. Hu~~ long way to go.


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