Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Y u no launch iPhone 5???

Maxis!!!! Y u no offer iPhone 5???!!!!

If not mistaken, iPhone 5 was officially launched in September. 2 months passed by but still there is no news of it coming out any soon.

I've heard so many rumours, seen so many so called 'indicators' of iPhone 5 launching in Malaysia soon. But needless to say they all bring nothing but dissapointments.

At first I heard they say iPhone 5 is going to launch in end of October, then some genius found this thing in Mid-Valley website or something saying it will have iPhone 5 promo in  the beginning of November. And now, they say is going to be out by tomorrow (29/11). I don't know if is true or not, just got to wait and see.

Seriously, why none of the companies is offering iPhone 5 till now? If really there is a reason behind it, then why none of the companies give us a estimated date of when they will launch iPhone 5? Why let customers wait and dwell in rumors and get disappointed?

Some of my friends who said will get iPhone 5 previously get fed up and they end up buying Samsung. I'm not saying Samsung phone is bad, I'm just saying letting your potential customer wait like this make you lose customers. Bad marketing strategy!!!!

Me too a bit sick of waiting and can't wait to get myself a smart phone. So Maxis, please be smart, at least let me know when can??


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