Sunday, November 25, 2012

Road Trip!!!!

My parents came up to celebrate my bro's belated birthday last weekend. From what I heard from my sis, the sky became dark when they were having lunch. So my parents just quickly pack their stuff and go home to avoid the rain.

That same night when me and my sister were fooling around in her room, I saw my mom's license on the dressing table. We quickly call her up and after her discussion with my dad they decided to meet us up at the middle point between our place and my hometown, that is Seremban. My sis took this advantage and persuaded my parents to bring us  to this restaurant which is famous for their crab. My parents being my parents agree to that, since my dad will not say no to his daughters (quote this from my mom).

Thus begin our road trip. (Ok la... We only meet them up the next evening, not like there is any restaurant that still do business in the middle of the night. Duh!)

It was a very fun trip, we played some music in the car and have our very own karaoke session. Then we saw smoke coming out of no where and pass by the lorry that was on fire.

After that, we saw this guy riding the motorbike in a funniest way ever!!! I literally laugh till my stomach pain like no body's business. And to top it all, we have a really really amazing dinner!!!!

We weren't really sure if we went to the right restaurant. My mom was convinced it is since their signboard have picture of crab on it. So we just went ahead, and when we saw Ah Xian's board there, we were all convinced that it was the right place! 

We ordered 4 dishes. Taufu with vege, stir fried kang kung, coconut chicken soup and of course marmite crab (their signature crab)!!!

Nothing much to say about their taufu. It doesn't taste bad, but it did not impress me either.

Their stir fried kang Kung is the best that I ever had!!! Normally I prefer kang Kung belacan, but their stir fried kang Kung impresses me a lot! They use a lot of garlic to cook with the kang Kung and you just can taste that the fire is big enough when they cook this dish! Yummy!!!!!

This is the first time I tasted coconut chicken soup. Is something different, very smooth and you can taste the sweetness of the coconut in the soup. I don't really love it, because I'm more towards salty taste when it comes to soup.

Last, the crab!!! By far, this is the second best crab I've ever taster! (Number one is of course my mom's la!) you can clearly taste the freshness of the crab. I couldn't stop eating. The meat's texture was so perfect, every bite of it is like heaven inside my mouth! Oh~~~~ I'm hungry already.

I don't know the exact address, but do search for this signboard if you want to have a taste of it.


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