Monday, April 30, 2012

BMW Car Price

I was in an accident a few months ago, and after that I find it hard to trust KL people. Maybe is because I came from a small town, where everybody knows everybody. So no one can really play tricks or cheat anyone. KL is so freaking big and is really hard to find someone that can be trusted. But I really Thank God for internet! With internet everything is simply possible. Everything from specs and price can be found on the net.

So I came across this website and I just did a random. As a girl, I don’t really know about car brands. BMW is among the few that I know!

In this website, is easy to compare the price for different car brand, model, car age, and seller.
I like it when the sellers put in sufficient information about the car and have photos from different angle of the car. It is easier to make comparison this way. Somehow I feel that from the details that they provided, it will reflect whether the seller is serious or not. I mean, comparing “XXX car, location: XXX and price: XXX” and “model of car: XXX, Spec: XXX, Age of the car: XXX and etc” the second one is definitely better.

In my opinion, life nowadays is very jam packed. And if possible I would definitely want more details before making up my mind to find time to test-drive the car. I don’t want to waste my time go all the way there just to realise some little details about that car that would change my mind. Everything need to be fast fast fast!

One thing I realise about this website is that there’s more than normal users in the website, some second hand company is also using this website to promote their cars. I think if companies are using this as one of their sells channel, is must be pretty reliable.

So why not give it a try? And do a simple search on BMW like me on CarSifu!

Just something extra, when I was younger and were still in kindergarten, we were asked to paste the wheels on the car. And as intelligent as I were years ago I did something like this:

Clever right? XD wheels are in the front! Not the back! XD

But anyway, I do hope one day I can get my own red car~ Yes! it must be red! XD

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Count your blessings

I don't know about you, but I'm that kind of girl that can be a bit too EMO. Sometimes it just happen suddenly and I could not pull myself back!

I still remember just few weeks ago, I was super EMO and very very down. I've talk about it with a few person but it did not get better but it got worst. I was at the point where I want to just shut myself down again. But thank God for good leaders in my life! And Thank God for opening my eyes too see!

I was too concentrate on the things I did not have, I've overlooked the things that I had and experience! I were too busy comparing myself to other people and I neglected the fact that I've got something too!

They always had this saying that people tend to remember the sad things in life rather than the happy moments. Maybe that's the problem. I tend to put myself in a place where I can be vulnerable, where others can sympathies me.

But the fact is I can be strong just that I refuse to be strong. I choose to look at the downside rather than the upsides. So I've been training myself to give thanks every single day. For blessings, for those little things that I have, for everything that I have.

I do not want to overlook the blessings that God had placed in my life because of the small little pile of "rubbish" in my life which would eventually be gone!

Never take God for granted. I'm thankful that He LOVES me.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Creative way of updating your Facebook status!!!

Since I got the app in my iPad, I really can't stop sketching and sketching and sketching. Whenever I have free time, I will just sketch sketch and sketch! Almost every night before I sleep I will sketch something.Yes! I really like the app that much!!!

And unknowingly I discover a great way to update my activities on Facebook! That is ... ... ... (drum roll) deng deng deng my sketching!!!!!!! Yeah!! Cool right???

Here's the two sketches that I drew and updated in FB!!!

The first one that I updated is this one!!! I drew this when I do my laundry. My friend commented on this saying is a good way to update my FB status. That's where I get the idea of doing this constantly! XD

And this one is fresh from the oven. Drew this just this morning when is raining and I wanted to go.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Do you know what is this ??

I got this awesome app from my friend and i can't stop using it ever since I first started it. Is pretty fun to use it to sketch those ideas that I have in my mind and it will turn out better than what I could draw using pen or pencil. XD

So I drew the below drawing and toll now no one seems to know what does it stands for.

If there is any human being here or aliens (I don't really mind), can you guess what does it stands for???

The one who guess it correctly (assuming there is human being here) I might (yeah! I say MIGHT) give you something special. XD

P/s: first time updating blog using iPad. I wonder how will it turn out?