Sunday, July 8, 2012

My 22th birthday wish list~

Since someone ask me about my birthday wish list, I shall share it too all of the world! XD I have a very very very long list in mind, but being a good girl, I will only list down those I really need. The others can wait... Maybe for Christmas?

My 22th birthday wish list:
1. iPod Classic 160 GB or higher (new or used). I want to save all my sermons so that I can listen to them on the go!

2. Brand new shoes. Believe it or not, my dear Puma's life span is ending soon. I think I walk too much in Singapore.

3. Make up set. Hey! I'm on the journey of becoming a lady!

4. A dinner dress. I got to have this cause is required for our graduation dinner. ><

5. High heels. If I want to look like a lady, I will do it right!

6. A cabin size luggage beg. It will be easier for me to travel! ^^

7. A slim bible. Got to preach in style!

8. A message bible. Is good to read different version bible. Don't you know that?

9. A reference bible. Will be useful to prepare sermons.

10. A watch. The watch my daddy gave me for Christmas years ago have some scratches and the stripes is gonna spoil soon. TT

11. A pair of new jeans. I slim down a bit since I came to Singapore. Most of my jeans are loose now! Not nice at all!!!

12. A beg. I keep spoiling things in Singapore. WHY?!!!!

13. Cash! XD I can get whatever that I need or want! haha!

**14. Tent Sermon by Oral Roberts. Forget to add this! I heard is a great read!

Please note, as much as I love my HONGs but I will appreciate if I don't get it anymore. I would love to have more collection of it, but looking at the current situation I think my mom will give me a big SIGH~ XD


Oyan said...

Ok wo~ no things that you always mentioned. XD

ConstanceSQ said...

Lol... Don't want scare people off!! XD

Pou Leen said...

My friends slimmed in Singapore too... Food to expensive they say~ XD

ConstanceSQ said...

Singapore food not really nice... Prefer Malaysia food... Hehe ^^

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