Tuesday, June 12, 2012

why do I use I ain't pretty?

I’ve changed my blog's URL numerous times. I really lost count of it. Some of those blogs still exist, the others I just replaced them with a new URL.

By far, iaintpretty (I ain't pretty) is my favorite. When I came up with this URL, it “wow!” me and I really really like it! I’m even amazed that I can come out with this URL myself! Hahaha *proud of myself*

People might feel that this URL is a bit negative, but behind every name that I use for my URL is a story. And this is how I got the idea for this URL.

It was a casual afternoon and I was talking to my new colleague that time. She just came in for a few days and we were just chilling and chatting in front of our laptops acting busy. XD I knew she have a blog so we were discussing about bloggers and I asked her for a few blogs that she visit. I randomly asked her “why have you not considered to be a full-time blogger?” and her answer was “because I’m not pretty!” O.o?! "I was stunned! She then continued and told me that pretty girl’s photo can attract more viewers. And since she is not like them, she cannot become a full-time blogger! XD

After listening to her, the name “I ain’t pretty” came into my mind. I’m giving the world a heads up that there won't be any pretty girl’s photo here in my blog. I’m really not that type of girls with big eyes, or know how to dress themselves and look pretty. I admit, I’m just too lazy to learn all of that! ><

On another note, my hair is getting longer and longer already!!! It really irritates me!!! Feel like going back to Malaysia to cut my hair!!! Is totally out of shape now!! I have no idea how to style to save it!! But people around me keep saying it looks better than before... >< I think they just don't like me having super short hair! Is been 4 months le~ 4 months!!!!!!

100+ days before SOT ends.... TT

p/s: Been searching for a new template for weeks! Man! Is not easy to find one that is perfect! There are some that I really like! But then I notice little details that I don't like. Hm... This new one is the best I can get~ When I can afford, I will ask someone to design for me! XD


Mr Lonely said...

lol.. i don't even have an own template. do you mind share where you find those design?

ConstanceSQ said...

Mr Lonely, u can get some awesome templates from btemplates.com !! They have different theme for u to choose!!

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