Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I'm back!!!!

Is been some time since the last time I leave my foot prints here. For those who not know, I’m currently studying in Singapore right now. Had enrolled myself to a 7 months course in SOT! (Oops… y am I in such a formal tone?)

It will be exactly a month since I’m here tomorrow. And a lot had happen but why bored you guys with the details. Just need to focus on those that is more interesting and also current! If not, it will not consider blogging, it will call recalling memories. XD

Just want to share something that happens this morning. So we were having class and we were learning about how to be led by the Holy Spirit. I’m a new old Christian. Meaning I’ve been a Christian for some time, but due to my lack of discipline I don’t really know a lot about Christianity or the Bible. I’m old in a way, and new in another way.

So we were asked to pair up and to pray for the other person. Seek the Holy Spirit for a scripture to speak to the person and pray for him/her based on the scripture. This is a HUGE challenge for me as my knowledge on scripture is super limited. I’m afraid that I have nothing to say, and I feel sorry for the person that paired up with me. But then a practice is still a practice, you have to do it no matter what. So I prayed for my friend. And as expected, there is no scripture that pops up in my mind, but an image. Image of Peter walking on water, and that’s what I told my partner. I told her whatever that pops up in my mind, whatever that I feel peace telling her. I do not know how well I did, but I’m just glad that it was over.

BUT! We were asked to pair up with another person and to do the same thing. But this time, we take a step further by asking the Holy Spirit which area the scripture is speaking about. Man! This makes it more difficult! I was so nervous! Before we start to pray in tongues, I’ve already search my mind on scriptures that I could use to pray for that person. And I had my mind on the book of Revelation. But then when I start holding that person’s hand, and started to pray in tongue, I feel that the Holy Spirit is telling me that the scripture that I should speak to her is in the Old Testament. I was like “Har?! Old Testament? Old Testament got what to say?!”. Then the image of David fighting goliath appear in my mind. OK! Step 1 DONE! The next one, which area?! I was so struggle! Finance? Study? Or work? I wanted to go with finance, because is like the safest to say. But then I felt strongly is about her work. So I speak about it.

Is really a Faith stretching exercise! XD

I did ask both of them whether what I say is accurate or not. Somehow both of them told me that they feel that what I spoke to them is to prepare them for their future. Anyhow, I really feel that I need to brush up my bible knowledge! READ THE BIBLE!!!!!!!!! STUDY!!!!! Fight a!!!

Anyway, this is a 2 way practice, so they did pray for me too. I don’t want to get into details on what they prayed for me, but I got to say this, in those 2 prayers they have something in common. That is God’s Grace. Which I think it really speaks into my heart. And yes, I teared.

Till the time I had the strength and energy to bring my laptop to school again. I will leave you guys with this latest drawing of ME!