Friday, April 5, 2013

A to Z

Imma talk about myself today. Something about me from A to Z! Muahahahahahahahahaha

I love to Act
Sometimes I wish I'm a Boy. To avoid the you-know-what pain.
My English name is Constance. How did I get it? Read here!
I Doodle my diary
Eeyore is my favorite!
(my hong hong ask me to put this up!)

"Shine like a burning Flame" is the theme of the year
I'm a child of God
All my Eeyore's name have a "Hong" in it. exp: Hong Hong, Mini Hong & etc
I have "Infinite" numbers of blog! How many do you know exist?
I'm born in the month of July
I came from a small town call Kuala Pilah.
Love, is something we all need but too painful to have.
I'm proud to be a Malaysian.
New Zealand was the first foreign country name that I learned. Thanks to the milk powder ads.
O have a special meaning in my heart.
I think is time for me to pick up my Photography again.
I'm proud to have a Q in my name, is unique!
I miss Running.
Surabaya was my first mission trip!
I'm learning Thai, for a T-reason! hehe
I believe that Unicorn exists.
Can't wait to go Vietnam next year.
(To meet this 2 again!)
"Wan Ka" (aka 玩咖) is the bunch of crazies that I love and appreciate.
Did you know X is the 3rd last alphabet?
"Ya-mak" is the only Vietnam word I know, it means slap.
(This girl teach me!)

After reading this, do you get the Zoomed in view of my life? (LOL! So lame~)


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