Monday, December 12, 2011

My new HEART

When you think God is telling you something, think again, because it might mean something else.

During Pastor Kevin’s “Pink Heels and Blue Jeans” Part 1 sermon, I responded to the word and I went down, stood in front of the stage and was prayed by Pastor Kevin. I don’t really remember what exactly he told me but I remember it is something like this “You are here not by accident. You are here in this church for a reason. God know that you’ve been hurt and disappointed, He was there and He know how it feels. God is now giving you a new heart, so that you can LOVE again and share your c with others.”

At that point of time, I thought that this “new heart” that God is giving me is to be able to love and trust others again. (Believe me, I have a huge trust issue) But it wasn’t that! During CG meeting last Thursday, when my CG members were sharing their testimony, something hit my mind. It was like a voice telling me that “the new heart that God is giving to you is to LOVE and TRUST in him!”

I constantly feel disappointed and hurt by people; therefore I dare not easily put my trust in people. I dare not LOVE without constraint myself; I dare not trust other people. I’ve put my perspective on men on to God. Therefore I was even afraid to put my trust and hope on to God, because I was afraid that I would end up being disappointed.

When this thought of having a new heart to love God came into mind, I came to realize that if I can’t even LOVE and put my trust fully on to God, who first LOVED me for who I am, how would I be able to spread LOVE to the world? How would I be able to learn and LOVE those who are imperfect if I can’t even LOVE the perfect LOVE, my LORD? Therefore I should start learning to put my trust and hope onto God. The new heart that God is giving me is to experience His LOVE freely.

Oh Father in Heaven~ From today onwards, let me learn how to LOVE and put my TRUST is your perfect LOVE.

Monday, November 14, 2011

My new hobby!

Who knows a person like me will like sewing so much.

I wanted to make myself a Instant Camera beg. And before I know, I'm making pencil cases, small bags and digital camera bags.

I din't know Malaysia have so much talented DIY people. You can actually find a lot of different hand made products online. And thank God, there is also websites that sells materials that I need.

The cloth that they provide are a bit different from those cloth shops. The designs are more unique and there are a lot of choices to choose from. From cute cartoons to classy art, you can just choose the one that suits you the most!

I bought my fabrics from Fabric Fanatics and some from May May Shop. I bought once from May May Shop and I went thrice to Fabric Fanatics since they have a shop in USJ. I cannot recall what I bought the first time I went there, but I know I finished all of the fabric I bought that time. The second time I went there is to get some buttons. And today I went there to get more fabric! XD

Although I just been there for a few times, but I like the owner. I think her name is Kelly, not really sure. She gave me a good impression, friendly and nice. hehe~ And she's having her own classes too!

Anyway, this is what I got from her shops! Owh~ before I forget, she do have corners that place others DIY product. I got a sweet Ferris wheel cop there! XD

The fabrics I got today! (only the last one there is the leftover from the first visit! XD)

cutie buttons! I have no idea what to do with it yet~ I just love it! XD

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Ha Chew!!!

Gosh!!! I cannot believe this!!! Is been more than a month since I last updated my blog?!!!! Ha Chew!!! man~ there is dust every where!!!! >< sorry bloggy~~~~ *sweep here~ sweep there~*

I'll update my blog more frequent~~~ I PROMISE!!!!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Is been some time since I last draw something presentable. Was kinna boring the other day so just look trough some of my picha and I decided to draw one as my profile picture. I did drew one on paper, and took a photograph of it so that I could upload it here. But I ended up using Adobe Illustrator to draw! >< and believe it or not, this is my first time drawing something using that software! And I'm LOVING it!!!

So, Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you~ QGirl!!!!!

*Yeah~ I look like a dude~ >< But 100% girl OK?! XD*

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Toy Portraits~

I'm a BIG fan of photography~ But with my working schedule in the picture, is kind of hard for me to find time to go out and just have fun snapping around. TT

Therefore I've came out with something call "Toy Portraits". Is basically portraits pictures of my toys! XD (btw, I'm a doll lover too~ my bed is crowded with dolls until there is literally no space for me to sleep~ ^^)

Here's my first attempt on toy portraits~ The model of the day -- Mund Mund (named after my friend~ XD)

I'm crawling towards you~~

I don't know~ Don't ask me!!! ><

Mama~ I'm scared of thunder~ TT

I'm a hip-hop lover!

I'm shy because I'm cute! XD

If you have passion, you won't have excuses to stop pursuing it!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

iBilik - Malaysia's Room To Let Website

Previously known as, is a website for room seekers and room providers to find each other. I wonder why they change their name, is it because of the I-Phoxx fever that everyone is getting? That’s why they change their name?

Anyway, the only thing that you need to know about this website is that it is purely awesome! I’ve been using that website for some time now to look for rooms for my friends. It is very convenient for room seekers to search for rooms that they are interested as we can type in the precise area that we are interested in.

Well, as you can see from their Home page, there is a column for you to type in your search and below that column there is 2 options for you to choose from; rooms for rent or short-term rentals. Bear in mind that short term rentals does not mean a few months, but a few days! I think this is kind of cool for those who maybe come to town for a short-term visit and don’t want to stay in a hotel. Sometimes is not easy to find a hotel near to your relative’s house that might be located in off town area, so maybe if you’re in luck, you can find a house to rent just for that few days! I feel that this is a superb option for backpackers too! To experience a staying experience that is different from all kinds of hotels and is pretty cheap too! A way to cut budget too!

I think most of us when dealing stuff online, buying something or even renting a room, we would like to have a glimpse of what we about to get. So room providers, upload your room photo please~~~~ But as far as I’m concern, most of the room providers of iBilik do uploads their picture. But some of them are kind of weird. They upload the picture of the apartment building instead of a picture of the room. I wonder why… maybe they have something to hide??? Just joking~ XD

Anyway, if you are desperately looking for a room, or you have rooms to let, I could say is a pretty good choice for you. They are making a super duper good impression for both seekers and providers! Just see how hard they advertise themselves to get well known!!

You see!!!! Taxi everywhere with their advertisement!!! hehe

Friday, September 9, 2011

ANTI anti-discrimination

Coptic churches are threatening to pull their children from Toronto’s Catholic schools if the board goes ahead with its equity policy which includes anti-homophobia measures.

Representers of the church even state that they will build their own church if they have to and they could afford it because they are a very wealthy church.

“In these young grades, we don’t want teachers talking about God creating Adam and Steve. Is Adam and Eve!”

“As Christ said, everyone is welcome to sit at my father’s table. So we don’t discriminate, we just don’t believe in homosexuality.” -- Jeremiah Attaalla, priest at Ti agia maria and St Demiana Coptic Orthodox church.

When I read the last statement above, I broke in to laughter. How can someone make such a contradict statement?! We don’t discriminate, we just don’t believe it? Is like saying I don’t hate you I just don’t like you. Does it make any sense? Well, to me it doesn’t. And the fact that he said they don’t discriminate make me want to laugh even louder! He is basically slapping his own statement!

Churches are THREATENING the schools to pull their kids out just because equity policy includes anti-homophobia measures. They would even go through all kinds of troubles to build a school just to make sure their kids are “Protected”?!! WOW! What a way of showing they DON’T discriminate.

The school equity policy is to stop kids from DISCRIMINATING homosexual kids, stop bullying them, stop making fun of them, and stop HOMOPHOBIA because all of us are equal. But the church’s act of pulling their kids from school just because of this policy shows me nothing but discrimination.

How could they say they are not discriminating?!

The policy is an ANTI-DISCRIMINATION of homosexuals. So, going against this policy makes it what? ANTI anti-discrimination?? Well, all of us know “negative x negative = positive” , so they ARE discriminating!!!

Is sad for me to see Christians discriminate people and yet they say they don’t!

Walk the walk!!! Don’t just talk the talk!

Monday, September 5, 2011

California say YES to LGBT inclusive Education!

California is going to include LGBT people’s contribution into their school lesson plan. This Fair, Accurate, Inclusive and Respectful Education Act (FAIR Education Act) were introduced by a gay state senator, Mark Leno. It is considered a way to combat the “custom” of bullying students who are gay or perceived to be. Aside from ensuring the contribution of gays and gays rights are included in textbooks, the legislation add sexual orientation to the state’s existing anti-discrimination protections that prohibit bias in school activities, instruction and instructional materials.

“Denying LGBT people their rightful place in history gives our young people an inaccurate and incomplete view of world around them.” – Leno, a San Francisco Democrat.

The above are a simple summary I write after reading a few articles about this news – California including LGBT elements in teaching materials. I have to say that I’m pretty happy when I know and read about this. The fact that people are starting to recognize the existent of LGBT people and their contribution to the society is HUGE news! I think is good to exposed students to the existent of LGBT people at an early stage. NOT to PROMOTE LGBT, but to EDUCATE them to accept other’s difference.

Although this FAIR Education Act is proposed by a gay senator (well, his gay, of course he will support this!), but this act passes through the state assembly with 49-25 votes! Is about 66%! (ya! I did the math!!!). It reflects that the society has begun to accept LGBT people as who they are. Well,the 66% might not imply to all, but to me it is a baby step to a greater purpose!

No one can deny that LGBT people were bullied, discriminated and depressed for who they are. I think that the mindset of the society play a huge role in this picture. It is because we were taught that whatever differ from heterosexuality is wrong which make us believed that LGBT people are weird, weak and unnatural. From there, discrimination upon LGBT people begins.

I always feel that the reaction of the society towards LGBT people push them towards a corner where they could not find themselves! They are ashamed and depressed, they hide themselves from telling the truth and some go to the extreme and kill themselves. That’s why I think it is very important for the society to learn and accept LGBT people for who they are. Because when you think about it, they are not really that different from anyone else in the world. They just fell for the person in the same sex. Just like some of us like apple, and some of us like orange.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Taking Risk

今天突然觉得很累,觉得自己为什么要把生活搞得那么累。一个电脑,不同的Internet Browser, 不同的身份,加起来却等于我自己。很多时候,很多的想法不知该丢到那一个部落格去,不知道该用什么身份去分享。可是这些不同的想法,不同的概念却都来至同一个人,我!那为什么要去分辨呢?我想我自己最清楚吧!因为我没有勇气!我的确没有。说得简单,看起来不难,做起来却是世界上最难的事情。


我的梦想不大,只是想去慢慢地实现它。我觉得自己好像慢慢地开始去尝试Take Risk。慢慢开始有勇气接纳未来可能会发生的事情。再怎么说,我觉得自己再难的日子也挨过了。未来,就让楼上那位先生去安排吧!