Sunday, September 11, 2011

iBilik - Malaysia's Room To Let Website

Previously known as, is a website for room seekers and room providers to find each other. I wonder why they change their name, is it because of the I-Phoxx fever that everyone is getting? That’s why they change their name?

Anyway, the only thing that you need to know about this website is that it is purely awesome! I’ve been using that website for some time now to look for rooms for my friends. It is very convenient for room seekers to search for rooms that they are interested as we can type in the precise area that we are interested in.

Well, as you can see from their Home page, there is a column for you to type in your search and below that column there is 2 options for you to choose from; rooms for rent or short-term rentals. Bear in mind that short term rentals does not mean a few months, but a few days! I think this is kind of cool for those who maybe come to town for a short-term visit and don’t want to stay in a hotel. Sometimes is not easy to find a hotel near to your relative’s house that might be located in off town area, so maybe if you’re in luck, you can find a house to rent just for that few days! I feel that this is a superb option for backpackers too! To experience a staying experience that is different from all kinds of hotels and is pretty cheap too! A way to cut budget too!

I think most of us when dealing stuff online, buying something or even renting a room, we would like to have a glimpse of what we about to get. So room providers, upload your room photo please~~~~ But as far as I’m concern, most of the room providers of iBilik do uploads their picture. But some of them are kind of weird. They upload the picture of the apartment building instead of a picture of the room. I wonder why… maybe they have something to hide??? Just joking~ XD

Anyway, if you are desperately looking for a room, or you have rooms to let, I could say is a pretty good choice for you. They are making a super duper good impression for both seekers and providers! Just see how hard they advertise themselves to get well known!!

You see!!!! Taxi everywhere with their advertisement!!! hehe


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