Thursday, May 10, 2012

My Miracle

I know this is a bit late to post it here. But is better than never right?

I experienced a miraculous healing last Friday. When Pastor Ming asked if anyone had unequal length of hands or leg, I quickly raised up my hand because I knew since last year that both of my legs are unequally long. We were asked to gather in our teams and pray for those in need of this miracle. So my team members and I gathered together and I took off my shoes to show them the difference of my legs. They were amazed to see that my leg was unequally long. They say the difference was an inch long. I’m not sure, but I know my right leg’s ankle is literally on top of my left leg’s ankle.

So we started to pray in the spirit and they start laying their hands on my leg. After praying for some time, I could hear other teams cheering for joy and praising God for the miracle that happened. But till then, nothing happen to me. I wasn’t sure how I felt that time, my friend asked me not to pray in the spirit but just receive the healing. One of them also came to me and recites a verse to me, she asked me not to be discouraged and trust in the Lord for this healing.

When they start praying again, I did not pray in the spirit anymore but receive the healing. I kept saying in my heart that I believe in God and I believe God will believe. But after some time nothing happen, and I felt that God telling me that the reason I kept saying I believe is because I do not believe and I’m trying to persuade myself to believe. Once this thought hit me, I start confessing to God and asked God to help my unbelief. And that was when the miracle started to happen.

I start feeling power flowing through a touch. I thought it was the touch of God, so I opened my eyes and look, it was my friend’s hand. I could feel power releasing through her hands. Then I felt my jeans moving. But it didn’t! What I felt was actually the stretch of my leg.

And praise the Lord, when we compare my legs again, it was totally the same length! Not longer and not shorter! Is totally the same length! Praise the Lord.

It was an amazing experience for all of us. My friend saw with her on eyes that my leg was stretched 3 times! 3 times! And the girl who I felt power flowing from her also felt that power were releasing through her. She said she was praying and she felt her hands so hot, and she knows that she needs to lay her hand on me. Another one felt the stretch of my leg too. She thought someone was pulling my leg, but no one was pulling. It was God!

I really thank God for this miraculous healing. It couldn’t happen without my team member’s support and prayers. And it definitely would not happen without God’s grace. Feel so blessed! Thank You, Abba!


Oyan said...

WOAH!! So this is the whole process of healing! PTL!!! Woooooo! I'm very happy for you! :)

QGirl said...

Hehe~ thanks!!


wow ! God is great :')

QGirl said...


all the time! ^^

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