Thursday, May 24, 2012

Destiny In Heaven

“If only 1 out of 6000 babies get this syndrome and that 1 baby happened to be ours, then I'm very sure God has a purpose and we just have to trust Him.

Baby D's mama shared this in Destiny's memorial service. Her faith in God blows my mind away. Until now, I never see someone to be this optimistic and look at her situation in a totally different way. BBD's family is the most amazing family I've ever seen. We went to the memorial to show our support, to give them love and comfort, but at the end they are the one who told us "is ok". They truly believe that God has planned this out for a reason. They mourn for Destiny's departure, but at the same time they rejoice that Destiny no longer suffer on earth, but rest well in Abba Father's hands. Their faith is just too amazing and overwhelmed for me to understand. 

In baby Destiny's memorial, tears kept rolling down from my eyes. Looking at her sparkling eyes shining with peace, it really makes my heart hurts even more. She's a beautiful baby, she is our little warrior princess.

They played this short video of Destiny's life. I will never forget how she fights for every breath of her life. To get a gaps of air, Destiny have to breaths in very very hard. She would have to give her very best, using all her strength to breaths in so that she could survive. Destiny makes me realise that I’ve been taking advantage on this privilege that I had, to be able to breaths easily is also a blessing from God.

Destiny taught me to appreciate my life more. Years ago I knew that my parents didn't plan to have a third child a.k.a. me. They didn't tell me directly, I just overheard it from a conversation of my dad with his friend. I never knew what made them decide to keep me, but this had been a thorn in my heart. Every time I felt disappointed about my parents, I will secretly ask why have they give birth to me. And every time I think I disappointed them, I will think whether they regret keeping me. I always felt the need to know the reason, but Destiny proves me wrong. From Destiny’s life, I've learn to appreciate my life more. No matter what made my parents kept me, is not important anymore. I'm born, I'm healthy, and I can breaths smoothly. I shouldn’t care why they decided to gave birth to me, the most important thing is I’m here, I’m healthy and I have a loving family. I need to appreciate this life that I have.

For those who knows, my back problem had been bugging me for more than 2 years already. And whenever I feel very painful, I ask God why, sometimes I even blame God why I'm not cured. But seeing Destiny fight for every breath, my back pain is nothing. Is nothing at all. I should embrace this pain and look at those blessings that I had in my life. I can live through this pain if it never get cure. I can fight, as BBD fight for her life. My pain compared to Destiny's struggle is nothing at all. Destiny taught me not to care about these petty things, as long as you live, fight for your life, your destiny.
Very often in life I tend to look at the things that I do not have and concentrate on the pain in my life. But this is life. Life is not without any ups and downs. But those ups and downs are just temporary and I have more and more to give thanks and appreciate of. I’ve been living in a comfortable environment and had been taking things for granted. Not knowing how to appreciate every single thing in life and keep complaining is just not right. Is time to change! Because now I know, as long as I live, is enough for me to give thanks for and is enough for a reason for me to think positively. Just have faith in God that everything happen for a reason and all I need to do is depend on Him and believe in Him.

When I saw Destiny in her coffin, she's so tiny and adorable. Our little princess warrior did more than I've done for past 22 years. She sleep soundly now in the arms of our heavenly father. Until we meet again Baby Destiny, I will always remember you.

A hand sign of Destiny:

Destiny Zoe Oh's Facebook:

Please read the eulogy. Is very meaningful and life changing!

Someone wrote a poem for Destiny as below:

*All photos are taken from Baby Destiny's Facebook page.


Oyan said...

A very encouraging post! The little warrior princess Destiny has back to our heavenly Father with her great legacy remain strong on earth. Her story is touching a lot of humankind. God is ruling over all! Hallelujah! :)

ConstanceSQ said...

Ya... Still hearing a lot of encouraging stories because of her... Destiny was my offering challenge in mock CG!! XD

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