Thursday, July 5, 2012

I need internet connection!!!

Is been a few days already since my internet connection on my iPad was cut off because my cousin decided to change his phone plan. Anyway, in conclusion I can no longer online with my IPad unless there is a wifi connection nearby.

I thought it would not bring much difference but boy am I wrong!!!! I will never ever take advantage of internet connection anymore. Without internet connection 24/7 and wherever I go I cannot do a lot of things! I cannot tweet whenever I want, I cannot Instagram whatever that I want, I cannot check the latest news, I cannot use iMessage whenever I want, I cannot use Line and bug my sister whenever I want and the worst thing is I cannot blog whenever I want!!! >< Owh~ My dear 3G connection~ How much I miss you~

Even though school have wifi connection, but I do not stay in school all the time. Normally I will just go back to my hostel and  study.But without 3G connection did give me more free time. I start going to the park to exercise for one hour everyday. Well, at least I've been doing this since Monday. I do HOPE I can maintain this practice!  But seriously speaking, I really do enjoy this 1 hour of quiet time everyday!

On another note, I'm going back to Malaysia in 15 days time!!! yeah!! Super excited to go back to see my hongs family. I actually called my dad on his birthday to remind him I'm going back and ask for birthday pressie from him! hahaha~ such a *ahem* daughter! XD

I saw one of my friend posting a list of present that she hope to get for her birthday. I'm thinking should I do that too?? I actually have a list in my mind already!


Oyan said...

Waaaa~exercise wo.. Finally~ XD
Eh? Mind to share da list?? Hahahahaha~

ConstanceSQ said...

lol!!! what do you mean by finally?? I very fat meh??
hahah~ you sure u want to see the list? you might regret it!!! XD

Oyan said...

LOL! Not that you fat. Last time ask you to exercise, you said you dowan ma.. XD posted them on your next post even before I answer your question. ><!!

ConstanceSQ said...

Lol... Malaysia don't have the facilities that Singapore have!!! You know la... I don't have Internet connection, so got to post when I can... XD

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