Monday, May 21, 2012

Please don't pee in the lift

Few weeks ago we went to our team member's house for our mock CG practice a.k.a. mock mock CG and I saw something interesting.

This lift is not your toilet?!  I didn't know that there is people who pee in the lift. And when I saw the "Armed with urine detection device (UDD)" sign, a lot of questions pop up in my mind.

Apparently, this is not uncommon here. That's what I heard from my friend. They say it was a very serious problem last time until awareness was created. 

Anyway, my only unanswered question is this, how does this UDD work? Does it detect liquid? or liquid with heat? What will happen if someone accidentally spill hot tea in the lift? Will it beep none stop? Or will the lift stop working? I'm really curious bout this! Anyone know?


Oyan said...

Hmmm..cannot be liquid detection I guess. Urea (one of the chemical constituents in urine that has the highest concentration after water) detection perhaps..

ConstanceSQ said...

Lol.... U sure or nt o???? Then u know what will happen???

Oyan said...

Haha! Not sure. But should be lar. Because from what I can search online, they said when urine is detected, the lift will stop until the office come and arrest that person wo. So, it must be very specific ma. If its just hot water then how lar? Or you wanna give a try? hahaha.. XD

ConstanceSQ said...

Lol... Somemore go search online... >< such a good PA! XD faster ome Singapore and try for me la! XD

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