Monday, June 25, 2012

3 months challenge!!

Time flies!!! It really does!!! l only got 3 months left before I fly back to Malaysia and leave this beautiful country... *please do not get me wrong, is not that I don't like my country, I just feel safer here.*

Anyway, things had been crazy for the past 4 months!!! A lot had happen... Stressful times, emo times and happy times... The stories that I have now can make a few series of drama! XD can't wait to see what will happen for the next 3 months! *excited!!*

While school is coming to an end, we are all loaded with assignments and exams. I have a paper this Wednesday and I have to hand up 3 books review on Friday! And we will be having our preaching test in the beginning of July! Phew~~ really have a lot to do.

Our school dean always tells us that they purposely plan it this way so that we will be loaded with a lot of tasks and with it stress comes in. >< This is when the real "us" will be revealed, under super high pressure! I don't really get it at first, but now I do. People start to show the real self and is scary!!!! I want my mama!!! *wu~~~~~~* but at the end of the day I still feel is very good, cause this is when my character will be shaped!!! Hope that the real me is not scaring anyone off!! XD

On another totally different note, one of my CG member was sabo by me and had took up the challenge to lose 15.5 kg by my graduation! Yup! He is going to lose all these weight in 3 months!!! 3 months!!! Salute him! XD I even suggested him to put my picha in his wallet as a reminder of this challenge every time he buy himself food. XD but apparently putting a girl's picha in your wallet means something else, my other CG members were laughing non-stop. >< since he so "on" to take up the challenge, I shall try to gain 5 kg by my graduation. *trust me, it ain't easy at all* challenge accepted! As my beloved Barney Stinson always says! XD

This is how I motivate myself! XD:

Friday, June 15, 2012

I'm in dilemma!!

I've gone a bit crazy lately. People have mid-age crisis but I think I have mid-year crisis. I suddenly became obsessed with with job hunting. And I will not graduate until the end of September! I have exactly 100 days till I end my studies here in Singapore! The problem was super duper serious. For more than a week, I search through the internet for jobs until like 2 am! And I still have class the next day!

This “issue” started a few weeks ago when one of my friends randomly asked me what I’m going to do after graduation. It didn’t bother me a lot that time, but just 2 weeks ago when I go through some of my old e-mails this matter pops up in my mind again and I can’t seem to shake it off! Argh!!! Is pretty frustrating you know!

It bothered me so much that my mama in SOT also notice, I told her what happen and she seems to understand how I feel. Super Gan Dong le~ I was super duper emotion! I almost cried in front of her! *shy* She told me not to worry about this things first and just enjoy the days left in SOT, Singapore. My mama says I shouldn’t let things like this to steal the joy that I should have! Well, she’s right.

But I’m just too stubborn! I still looked for jobs until the night before yesterday. And I got soo frustrated with myself that I’ve decided not to care about my career until I get back to Malaysia! I really can’t afford to deal with anything that is outside of school right now because time is flying and September is coming!!! Ah~~~~~~~

I’m in a bit of a dilemma right now la~ Part of me want SOT to end faster so that I could get back to my real life and start applying what I learn, another part of me feel so comfy in Singapore and in SOT that I would like to be here forever! But they won’t want to keep me forever! Haha~ hm… I think I should pray for time to move like a tortoise so that September would not come so fast! XD 

On an unrelated note, I’m going back to Malaysia in July!!! Yeappy! Can’t wait to bring those books back and place it on my shelves! Can’t wait to have a hair cut! Can’t wait to visit the brand new mall next to my house! (Ya! There is a mall next to my house! Jealous?! XD) Can’t wait to taste some Malaysian food! (Should I give a list to my real mama?) And definitely can’t wait to see my family members! (and my hongs! XD)

*counting down 100 days!
**all emoticons are taken from photoScape

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

why do I use I ain't pretty?

I’ve changed my blog's URL numerous times. I really lost count of it. Some of those blogs still exist, the others I just replaced them with a new URL.

By far, iaintpretty (I ain't pretty) is my favorite. When I came up with this URL, it “wow!” me and I really really like it! I’m even amazed that I can come out with this URL myself! Hahaha *proud of myself*

People might feel that this URL is a bit negative, but behind every name that I use for my URL is a story. And this is how I got the idea for this URL.

It was a casual afternoon and I was talking to my new colleague that time. She just came in for a few days and we were just chilling and chatting in front of our laptops acting busy. XD I knew she have a blog so we were discussing about bloggers and I asked her for a few blogs that she visit. I randomly asked her “why have you not considered to be a full-time blogger?” and her answer was “because I’m not pretty!” O.o?! "I was stunned! She then continued and told me that pretty girl’s photo can attract more viewers. And since she is not like them, she cannot become a full-time blogger! XD

After listening to her, the name “I ain’t pretty” came into my mind. I’m giving the world a heads up that there won't be any pretty girl’s photo here in my blog. I’m really not that type of girls with big eyes, or know how to dress themselves and look pretty. I admit, I’m just too lazy to learn all of that! ><

On another note, my hair is getting longer and longer already!!! It really irritates me!!! Feel like going back to Malaysia to cut my hair!!! Is totally out of shape now!! I have no idea how to style to save it!! But people around me keep saying it looks better than before... >< I think they just don't like me having super short hair! Is been 4 months le~ 4 months!!!!!!

100+ days before SOT ends.... TT

p/s: Been searching for a new template for weeks! Man! Is not easy to find one that is perfect! There are some that I really like! But then I notice little details that I don't like. Hm... This new one is the best I can get~ When I can afford, I will ask someone to design for me! XD