Sunday, April 14, 2013

Iron Man 3: My Way

Do you know that other than the "Bababa~ Babanana" movie, there is also another movie that I can't wait to watch?

Is none other than Iron Man 3! If you haven't watch the trailer (which I think is impossible!), here the trailer:

As you might notice at the end of this trailer, there are a lot of different types of Iron Man! If I were given a chance to build myself a Iron Man my way, I will name it the "Royal Man".

This is how my Royal Man will look like!

Is going to be purple in color because purple is the color of royalty. Before I go into the design of my Royal Man, let me tell you why I name it The Royal Man.

The word "Royal" is related to kingship. Being a King, or born in the line of Kings, you know and you know you possesses special power and authority. That no one would dare to harm you because of your identity. And this identity got to be remembered, because if you forget and you don't act like a royalty, people or enemies will not treat you as one. Therefore I name my Iron Man the Royal Man. To remember that I have the power that others don't have, and I have the power to defeat the enemies and they shall "bow" towards me.

I've circle up 6 areas of my Royal Man so that I can explain it to you one by one. 

1. Thorns on top of my head. I design it as it is not because I'm a fan for durian, but I notice that the top of the head can be an easy target. Is just like you got a bird flying over and coincidentally poo-poo on your head. There is no warning, you can't see it with your eyes, you can't feel it and you definitely can't hear it. So this thorns that you see will not only protect me when someone try to hit me on the hand, but also as a sensor to sense anything that is aiming me from above. And these little babies can shoot bullets too! On top of all protection that it can give me, I also can use it as a weapon!! Just bang them with my head will do! Hohoho!

2. I'm inspired by music and sound, therefore it is essential for me to hear some bit while kicking some asses! I know this might iterrupt the Artificial Intelligent (AI) that helps me analyst the situation and stuff, but being an AI, she will know when to come in and when to let me flow with the beat! So that I can fight with style! Imagine my Royal Man kicking some butt with moves like this:

With the AI so intelligent, I believe she will choose the right song for me during the battle! LOL

3. Don't underestimate my Royal Man's eyes! It might look simple from the outside, but what important is the core! It will have the ability to analyst the opponent psychologically and predict the next move. And with that I can surely win!

4. If you haven't notice, is a smile OK?! Why show a sad face during battle, smile and be confident! That will bring me victory! Muahahahahaha

5. I just want to show off the source of my power and life! Although it might be an easy target for my opponent, but who cares, it looks good!

6.The original Iron Man suit have power in his palm. I'll keep that, but is not good enough for me. So Imma put some machine guns at my arm there so that I have more weapons to fight with!

Yup, that's pretty much how my Royal Man will look like! I wonder if any of my ideas are in the Iran Man 3 movie. Well, I just got to wait till I watch the movie to find out!


Mr Lonely said...

all the best in Iron Man~

ConstanceSQ said...

Thanks! I hope I'll win!!

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