Saturday, April 27, 2013

Me Mo ma Mu Ki ko ka

I think my problem now is speaking out. There is a lot of emotions buried inside of me that I can't find a way to let it all out. Somehow I'm not a good communicator. The way I say things lead people to misunderstanding and I've come to a point where I just keep quiet.

But keeping my mouth shut will not solve anything, it make things worst. Because misunderstanding arise and relationship is broken. Talked to one of my friend about this, she say I must speak out, must tell people how I feel, if not I will be the miserable one. I can see why she say this, but somehow I just couldn't find the courage to do what I'm suppose to do. ><

So I kept quiet, bury the feelings down and neglect it. Then slowly it surface again and I bury it again. The cycle will repeat itself until something big happen and then I will be totally shut down from that person. Oh my~ This sounds serious. I think I really need the courage to tell them, despite what might happen. But I'm scare!!!! ><

Oh~ forgive my dilemma... I just need to do some mumbling...


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