Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Then she died

A surgeon came and wanted to start an operation on the patient. He perform his first cut to open the wound. Then someone called him, and he went out to meet that person. The patient was still in the operating room, not knowing what was going on. But wait a minute, she's under anesthetic so she can't feel anything. Unaware of her surroundings, she float around in her dream land, thinking everything is going to be just fine.

The surgeon came back, cut the wound a little bit wider to have a better look at the cause of the pain. This time his iPad rang, it seems like it is an email. He took his glasses, sat beside the patient and begin replying. The patient's anesthetic is losing its effect. She can slowly feel the pain, she thought it was normal, thinking that the operation is over. But wait! It hasn't!

Unaware that the patient is feeling painful already, the doctor cut even deeper and blood started to flow out. Then again, his phone rang, he wiped his hands off and leave the room again, still assuming it wasn't hurtful to that girl and the anesthetic still has its effects. But the patient is wide awake now, fully aware of the situation. She's not healed, she got even worst and is not over yet. The worst thing is the pain is killing her. She try to cry out as loud as possible, no one cares, no one heard.

Maybe the surgeon heard, but he thought she was just trying to be funny.(reaction in her dreams? How is it possible?) so she keep bleeding, blood flowing out like no body's business. Tired of screaming and crying the girl gave up, sick of the pain, sick of the pain. And when the surgeon is back, is all to late. Her heart has already dry up and then she died.


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