Thursday, April 25, 2013

Carrot Book

I don't remember when I get it or why I bought it. I just remember buying this book from Readz (church's book store, previously known as attributes) years ago. If I drew my first drawing the night I bought this book, then it will be at 2011/07/30. Is like one and a half years ago! OMG!!!

By the way, this is what I drew:
Is been a long way since that ugly sketch. 

For one period of time, it was my "just sketch" book. 

Then it became the "draw yourself" book.

 and for one period of time, it was my "sewing instruction" book.

I even brought this book to Singapore last year thinking that I will do some doodling, but I did none there. ><

But this book eventually came back to its calling and became my "sketch your thought" book. 

The first drawing wasn't just a random drawing, it was how I felt that time and I drew it out. And now, I doodle almost everyday. I will make it a point to draw something. 

Sometimes is my daily routine

Or the food I cook

Maybe how I feel at work

Or (my favorite) an impression in my heart.

This is my favorite of all! Somehow from that ugly sketching my doodling evolve into this. 

Is been a long and bumpy road for my little carrot book. 2 more pages and it will retire. carrot book! You served me well! Thank you!! Muacks!

I love love love the cover page! ALL GOOD THINGS START SMALL!


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