Saturday, April 13, 2013

Lion King - The story of Moses

It was fun listening to Davy Liu yesterday night,

He was born in Taiwan, wasn't a very bright student there. He said he got straight F. So his parents decided to bring him to the US. And there, he realize the different culture in the State and in Taiwan. When he was in Taiwan, he will get chalk threw at his face when he draw, but in the State his teacher encourages him to draw. He said this, America creates cow boys not cows. Which are 2 very different thing. In the state, they embrace uniqueness. They have this very assurance that they are the children of all mighty King, but it is different than in Taiwan where they believe in the cycle of life and one day after they die, they will become grasshoppers or animals. Wow! I never see it that way before!

During his study in America, his teacher gave him a piece of paper and ask him to draw something that represented his country and his culture. If I'm not mistaken, it took him one month to create the master piece and he got top 20 in the whole United State.

This is the art work:

Can you see is a dragon drew with tall buildings? Amazing!

Some of his other work:

He told us that being an animator is fun because you can slip in your own style in it without anyone knowing. And he did it by drawing himself as the main character of Mulan!

When he was sharing with us about his working experience in Disney, he said something that impacted my heart. When he was working in Disney, it was a very fun experience, everyone working together as a team. Sometimes he even think about his work in his shower! It makes me think back to my own working life. I remember saying that I'm those kind of person that will not think about work when I go home. People tend to think that it is a good thing. I mean to a certain extend is good because you won't be too stressed up. But to another extend it just mean that you are not enjoying what you are doing and you are doing for the sake of earning for a living. And I think that this is really what I'm going through right now. That's why I need a big "leaf" of faith to move from where I am now. Hmm.. will talk about this next time.

Lion King was also one of his project that took them 4 years to complete. He showed us the original cub that Simba was drew from.

The real life Scar:

Did you know that the Lion King story is "borrowed" from the bible! I only found it out yesterday night! Davy Liu told us that it is the story of Moses running away after he had murdered someone and soon forget his own identity. Just like Simba when he thought he was the reason his father died and see himself as a murderer, he ran away. He met the two crazies and eventually he forget his identity and began to eat bugs instead of meat! See the connection now?! I was blown away when he told us this. I'm going to watch this movie again with this new perspective.

He shared a lot about being an artist. I might not be one, but I love to draw now. Recently most of my thoughts come in the form of pictures and drawing. That's why I'm making it a point to sketch at least one drawing before I sleep. If I missed, I got to do 2 the next day. And I'm pretty consistent in doing so. I think is a good thing.

Here are the few tips he shared:
Always bring your sketch book along, cause you never know when inspiration comes.
If you feel stuck, try doing something extra ordinary, something outside your routine.Do something that will give your brain a shock.
 Reach out to friend, go out and have some fun. Because when you have nothing in your brain, you really have nothing.
Lastly, reach out to God. Because God our Father have the infinite resources that you ever need to get your creative juice flowing!

Really enjoyed his talk. I love it when he just slipped in testimonies about God. And it really make me think bigger and embrace my uniqueness more.

He will be with us until Sunday. So do drop by and trust me you really don't want to miss this!

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