Monday, April 1, 2013

Baby Caedy

Look at this cutey pie (Not me!)!!!

Isn't she the most adorable baby ever?!!!!

There are 3 reasons for me to love her so much. No. 1, she is extremely adorable. No. 2, she never cry when I carry her (unlike others uncool babies!!!). No. 3, her birthday falls on the same day as mine! (Yes! I'm bias~ ><)

When I found out she's in church yesterday (after I saw Juli posted her picture on Instagram), I was determined to get a photo with baby Caedy~ See how cute is she!!!

This is the second time I carry her, the first time came as a surprise when Keith ask me if I want to carry her when I went to look for him. She's the most calm baby I ever met! Unlike other babies, she did not cry but she just look at me, without any fear~ Good baby! She actually reduce my fear of babies. ( I have infinite bad experience with babies! I'm this close to conclude that all babies are scared of me! haha)

While I'm enjoying my time with baby Caedy, Keira looked at me and wanted me to give Caedy back! So cute!!!! I looked at Keira and asked her if she can carry Caedy, she shook her head and pointed at Juli. haha~ Ask me to return her baby sister to her mama! Such a good sister!!! hehehehe~

Keira, although I love your sister, but I'm scared of your papa and mama too you know~ ><


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