Sunday, January 29, 2012

under construction

Yup!!! you did not see wrongly or enter into the wrong blog! I decided to change my blog template using my own skill and I came up with this... I did not expect me doing this at 1 in the morning, but once I started I could not stop... ><

Anyway, my plan of designing a blog header image before changing the whole blog template just went down the drain... So just bare with this first before I come out with a new one...

I have the idea already~ just need the time to draw it out! XD

Sorry ya~ still in CNY mood~~~ hehehehehehehehehe~

Happy Chinese New Year to any living being who is reading this!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Great Properties @ PropWall

Few years ago when my mom decided to buy a house in KL for us, she actually found it online! But the journey wasn’t easy at all. She saw a few potential apartments available for sale and decided to come all the way to KL to have a look but she ended up disappointed. One of them even pulls off the deal last minute when everything is almost done. My mom was super duper down.

But thank God, with my mom non dying passion and the power of the internet, we finally got the current apartment that we are staying right now. The owner was desperate to get his hands off of this apartment for some personal reasons so my mom got a pretty sweet deal. XD few months later, when we bump into the owner, he offer a higher price to buy back the apartment cause the property market is superbly hot right now. Haha~ but sorry la uncle, your apartment is my sweet sweet home now. XD

Anyway~ My point is this, even though the world has changed and we can find anything from the internet we should still be careful. So we need to choose the property website carefully. I came across a website recently and I think the website is kinna cool. XD

PropWall is a website where a lot of property agent posts their property in hand online for viewer from all over the world to view. The site is full of pictures of all sorts of property from landed to apartment which is very convenient for those who are interested to view the condition of those houses. The website also caters property for rent. So for those who are looking for a house to rent with a bunch of friends, you are most welcome to visit this site.

One thing I don’t like about this site is that some of the picture posted there are not the insight of the apartment, but the out view of it. Sigh… who want to see the whole building of the apartment wor~~ I want to see the room le~~ But this cannot be blame on the website… is the user problem…

And one more thing, I notice a list of top users on your right hand side. I wonder how they rank these top users. Are they rank depending on their hour spent on the website? Or they rank them by their count of answers? My first impression is that they are rank by their reliability, maybe like number of deals closed through this website or number of good comments given by dealer. If that’s the case it would be awesome! Cause then visitors to the website will know who are more reliable.

If you have some free time to spare, or you are really looking for a Malaysia Property to invest in, just visit that site! Is free!! hahahahahaha

Monday, January 9, 2012

I HATE my hair!!!

I've been saying this for more than a month d... hated this hairstyle since the day I got it... ><

My hairstylist totally ignore my request when I told him I don't want to look "Cute". He "chop" my fridge into super flat!!!! >< lesson learned~ Don't want go to him anymore!!!! ><

Luckily I survived a month with that hilarious hairstyle and got myself a new hair cut before CNY! XD my dad say must cut your hair before CNY~ *Never knew that I'm a good daughter* XD