Friday, April 26, 2013

Iron Man 3

I just came back from watching Iron Man 3! Thanks to Nuffnang Malaysia for giving me this opportunity to be the first few to watch this movie. Super touched when I receive your notification email last week.

To be honest, I'm not even sure if is a premier, because normally premier is like a day before the official screening, but ours are like few hours before the official screening. I only found out that when I reach the cinema today, and there I was going around telling people I will be watching a day earlier. ><

Anyway, premier or not I still enjoyed the movie. I don't really remember what Iron Man 1 was about and I totally did not watch Iron Man 2. So if I got to say, I'm not really a Iron Man fans, but still I enjoyed every second of the movie! Really! Trust me please~~

I'll say this movie is a mixture of action and comedy. Is like you will not want to close your eyes for even a second because you scare you miss something. But along with the Gan Jiong-ness/ excitement there are moments that will just make you laugh! So overall is a good and worth it movie to watch! But still, there are something that I don't really understand in the movie, maybe I missed some details. So you might want to pay attention to what is going on in the movie!

One more thing! And this is the biggy! MUST stay until the credits is over! Leave only when you see the screen turn black! And I really mean it! You will not want to miss what they've installed for you!!!

I won this 2 badges from Nuffnang by answering 3 questions about Iron Man! Thank God for my sister, because I really don't know that much about Iron Man other than he appeared in the movie "Avengers". haha


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