Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Looks different now

Funny how things can just change when you change the way you look at it. The burden in heart can be just lifted up in one second. Although I am very tempted to go back to my comfort zone, the way it is right now seems to be just alright I guess. Everything have its own phase, so to speak.

So I went to the doctor today and I've been reminded on how blessed I am. Saw this baby girl suffered from some illness, her eyes were tired, she was crying and wasn't smiling at all. Pity little girl to go through all these as such young age. but thank God for her mom and her grandmother, can see that they love her very very much and patient in all tribulation.

Oh. How blessed I am. Way blessed than others might think. If I compare myself to those who run like a leopard, I'm nothing. But I choose to look at all the things in my life as a blessing and miracle from God. Comparisons bring you no where, trust me, I learned it the hard way.


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