Monday, April 22, 2013

The HOLDs in Genting

I've been away for the weekend and thus no Saturday update and no weekend comic.

If you did not notice, it just mean 2 things! 1. You have yet to notice I update my blog daily and I do weekly comic/drawing/doodling blog or 2. You don't follow/read my blog. TT Either one, I'm back now! yeah!!!!

So I've been very frustrated with my weekly routine. Is like I'm reliving my life on a weekly basis and I was at the edge of going to be crazy. I wanted needed to have a break from all these and just go somewhere to take a break. And when my crazy friends (the holds) planned a trip up to Genting, I can't be more thankful to God. He knows my need! And the best thing is, I don't have to go on to a lone ranger trip (because is not safe to do that in Malaysia), but I have good companies! Really thank God for that!!

The whole trip did not started as planned and I got the chance to take a short lone ranger trip to Pandan Jaya. Although is a short journey, but it brings back a lot of memories and I kinna miss those days when is safe for me to travel alone.

4 of us (among the 9) went up first and it was a trip like never before because our car broke down! LOL

Can you see the smoke?

While waiting for the car to cool down.

Thank God me and Kerry each bought a bottle of water, if not we will have no water for the car. And FYI, the car did not over heat once, but twice! LOL! Other cars drive pass us and look at us, laughing I guess. And there is one lady some more wave to us. >< And yes, I wave back to her too! hahaha!

Have to snap some picture while waiting! 

(OMG! I cannot stop laughing thinking what happened that day! LOL)

And when we finally reach Genting, I was so relieved! And couldn't wait to go to our room and SLEEP while waiting for the others!

Snapping photo is a must!

Is a very relax yet fruitful trip. We do not have any agenda, we just went up and hang out with each other. We walked around, see people gamble, snapping photos and chit chat! It was really really fun! We also celebrated 2 of the holds birthday! And we take photograph as if we are in America's next top model. Posing here and there with our fashion guru guiding us.

Our view while we fellowship in the garden!

But I was so tired, so I went to bed early around 2 something. The others slept at 4 am. Few of them even have McD Breakfast! D:

I slept like a pig until 11 something. Pity the other 2 roomies. One cannot sleep because of the noise of the fan, the other have no space to sleep because his bed-mate was taking over the whole bed! Super inconsiderate! It was a very very wise move for us to separate the bed, if not only one of us can sleep. And it will not be me!

Because we have no agenda, we weren't rushing here and there to finish rides or shopping. Instead we went to the temple, they prayed there but I just went in like a tourist, full of curiosity. We even went see the crafting of the 8 levels of hell! My friend got scared there because one of the worker was there painting and she did not notice his existent  until he moved. She thought the statue move! Hahaha!

After that we went to strawberry farm which turn out to be more than just strawberry! They have lavender too! And I also saw passion fruit tree! OMG! I was so happy!

I just realize not all strawberry have the same shape.

This was my first time seeing lavender!

Super pretty roses! This was my last picha of the trip!

Passion fruit! begged my friend to borrow me his phone for this! 

Felt so blessed through out the trip! With all these friends, laughter and craziness! This trip will be even more perfect if I did not forget my iPhone charger! I took my iPad charger instead. >< Stupid me! I could have snapped more photos and instagram!!!! But still, it was great!!!!


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