Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Oblivion - Premiere Screening

I remember the first time someone introduce me as a blogger! I was so happy that time. Although I did not show it on my face, but I was really really happy. I seldom refer myself as a blogger, that's why when he told the others I am, I was shocked! But still happy.

Being a blogger is fun enough for me, but being a blogger registered with Nuffnang add more spice in it! Thanks to Nuffnang, I got the chance to watch "Oblivion" yesterday night, before the official release which falls on 11/4/2013.

Like the previous screening, I brought my sister along to watch this movie. She's like a super VVVVVIP! So hard to invite her! But thank God she can make it! If not I might watch it all alone. ><

As this was my first time going to 1 Utama's brand new TGV, I was impressed by their interior, very high class look. And the best thing of all, they have this lounge where you can sit and wait until your show start! Me like it a lot!

This was also my first time watching a movie before it's release, therefore is a fairly different experience. We were asked to switch off our phones (since everyone is using smart phones now) when the movie starts. And as a good good girl, unlike my sister, I did switch off my phone. But they did not check, oh well. I think as long as you don't use your phone during the movie is good enough. During the movie, I think someone behind me took out her phone, and the security there went to her and warn her or something. Not so sure. I was concentrating on the movie ok?!

Anyway, let's talk about the movie!

Oblivion is a Science Fiction movie. I expected a lot of blood scene but there isn't much of it.

I was confuse at first because of the names of the places and etc. But I think that's the thrill of watching Science Fiction movie. You can know more and more along the way and slowly all your confusion will be all gone. On top of that, I always enjoy to be the person who can explain about the story to those who are blur like a potato, in this case my sister.

I feel like talking more about the movie in details, but I don't want to spoil it since is not even up yet. hehehehe. If you are a Sci-Fi fans, I think you will like it!

p/s: Do remember to make plans to go back to your respective places and vote for our country k!!


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