Monday, April 29, 2013

Be persuaded

... Reading all those posts on the wall of my FB. What happened to this place that once was safe for all of us? Why the greed of the people can just take over the welfare of others?

Selfishness is a very very very evil thing. It hurts the people around you when you are controlled by this evil spirit. You think you are doing the right thing, yet you are too blind to see the truth. You think you are doing yourself a favour, but you can't see that you are walking towards disaster!

My heart breaks, my tears flow. This place I love and I still love no matter what.

I'm desperate for a saviour who will stand up and speak the truth and take action for those who are helpless. We combined our forces but the dark has tricked the light by saying itself is light and portraying himself as the light. But we are not fools that are blind, we will not sit and just wait

I will cry out to The Lord of all nations and city to intervene in this and fight for us. Nothing is too great for Him to handle. When all seems dark, my hope remains on Him and Him only. When all seems impossible, I put my trust in Him who did, doing and will do the impossible! No matter how dark it might seem, no matter how darkness persuade me that it is impossible, I will shift my focus and say it is possible! Not because how great my faith is, but how great my God is!

Even when I came to a point where I have no strength to hold on, I said a prayer "God help my unbelieve!" and He indeed persuaded me of His greatness! Lord, show your glory!


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