Thursday, April 18, 2013

Break the code yourself

So I had this very weird dream yesterday night. In fact, I've been having a lot of weird dreams lately. Unlike fourfeetnine, I'm not pregnant! (read this!). I did't think much about this dream, but something happened just now which reminded me of the dream.

I dreamed that I got an opportunity to work on a new garden. I wanted this new garden badly because I'm sick and tired of the current old garden. So I happily accept this opportunity and went for it. I stop working on the old garden and declare to the world on my pretty new garden. But for some unknown reasons, I felt uncomfortable in the new garden. Things didn't felt right and I don't seem to fit it and that's when I crawl back to my old garden! Yes! you read it right! I CRAWLED back! pathetic right?! Even though I'm dreaming, I also feel pathetic at that moment. ><

It seems like I'm sucked into this invisible comfort zone and I REFUSE to come out. But the thing is this old garden ain't paradise at all. The most it is to me, is to provide something temporal but essential, necessary but no future value. Others keep on telling me to be patient, work harder and the garden will bring harvest. Maybe I'm just too blind to see it.

But in whichever case, I'm afraid that I've come to a point where dreams mean nothing and passion is an outdated word. Doing things because I'm suppose to, or because I have to. Sometime persistent don't bring reward, but getting out might bring you miracles.

I want something more does not mean I'm not contented with what I have.


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