Friday, April 19, 2013

Relationship is a nasty thing

The phone rang. She knew in her heart that this will be a very long call, but she also knew if she let this call slip to voice mail it will be a disaster.

"Hello?" She say. She knew in her heart that she will not hear a hippy voice from the other side of the phone. It had disappear for more than 4 months already. Although she still have this glimpse of hope, she knew, deep down she knew it was impossible.

"hu... hu..." She can only hear the breathing from the other side of the phone. She knows, it must be a teary night again.

"Have you ever thought of looking for..." She was cut off before she could finish her sentence.

"I... love...too much... to go against.... will" Although she cannot hear the full sentence of the answer, she knew exactly what was said.

How she hoped to be there for her but yet it cannot be done. It couldn't be done.

She wonder to herself, how many calls had been made before her number was dialed. 1? 2? or 10? But no one can see the situation without any prejudice. No one really fit themselves into this dirty yucky shoes. They see it from the outside, make things complicated as if is not complicated enough.

After hours of listening and comforting, the tears finally stop.

"I want to sleep now." The same old calm voice that always ends the conversation.

"Ok. Sleep tight." She said and waited the phone be hanged up.

"Haih" She sighed, wondering when will the cycle repeat itself again.

Relationship is a nasty thing, it involves two parties but only need one to end it.


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