Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Travel while young

So I came across this article yesterday night before I went to bed. Basically is an article that list out the benefits of travelling young. And honestly speaking, I'm buying into it.

Because I'm that kind of curious girl. Although I'm already 2x years old but I just can't seem to settle down.

Last weekend during our Genting trip, I told my friends that I'm thinking of pursuing my studies overseas. I also thought of going some place else to explore other options. It might seem silly to just give up all that I have right now, but that's what my heart is calling out each and every day.

Some might think that I'm not being contented or thankful for what I have. No! Don't get me wrong! I'm thankful for whatever that I have right now.

But almost every morning I feel like something wanting to burst within me but yet is pressed down by the pressure of reality. And every night when I reflect my day, I see nothing and nothing at all.

I never wanted to be a person that live to live. I wanted to be a person that live to bless and be a blessing to others and also myself.

I can feel that the screaming of my heart is getting softer and softer, not because I no longer want to break free from all these but because I'm slowly giving in to pressure and losing the courage to step out and be ME. The scariest thing of all right now, is to be in this "comfort zone" and not step out.

I need someone that can see that I'm not crazy. I need someone that will look into my eyes and say is possible. I need someone that remembers and support what I'm pursuing. I need to know that I'm not alone in this. Because I ain't God, I need support and encouragement.

Most of all, I need God.


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