Thursday, May 17, 2012

Sacrifice of praise

Until now, I'm still overwhelmed from what had happen since Tuesday. My leaders little precious angel is still in the hospital, fighting for her life. Such a brave girl, such a fighter. Only a few days old, and she's already fighting for her life, not giving up.

Before she was born, she already brought all of us so much joy. Not only to her parents but to all of us. We were all excited about her even before she was born. Everyone was so happy when they found out she was conceived in her mother's womb. We were all touching her mom's belly hoping to feel a kick from her. I never once be so excited about something until I check my tweets every 5 mins, just to make sure I do not miss any latest update of her. She brought us a lot of joy indeed.

Now seeing her in tubes, my heart break. Although I can only see her photos, I've already fell in love with her. Such a beautiful baby, with such beautiful eyes. Her eyes make my heart melt.

I cannot understand why these things happen to her. In terms of natural or the supernatural. But I believe in God's infinite wisdom that whatever that is going on right now is for a purpose. He have everything in control. He IS in control.

Today, I really experience the sacrifice of praise. Seeing my leaders keeping their faith strong in God really encourage me. They set their faith in God, and embrace the will of God. For the whole day I feel so burden in my heart. Can't really do anything, I wasn't acting like myself. But in all that had happen, I learn to give praise to God. Keep thanking Him for His wonder. Keep believing that He has the perfect plan for her.

My God is a Healer! My God is a Miracle Maker. I believe our little angel will experience a miraculous!

Destiny, Aunty Shu Qing Love you very very much!!!!!! Be strong keep fighting! I want to give you a big big hug when I come back! And buy you an Eeyore!!!

To everyone who is reading this, please pray together with me. She needs a miracle touch from God. Let's us all believe that our God will heal her and day by day she will be stronger and stronger! Keep her family in prayers too! Pray that God's grace is upon them and will bring them trough this period of time. And pray that God will provide them with all that they need financially. Amen!

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