Wednesday, May 2, 2012

My world was in yellow

Since young I always struggle with that period of the month (for girls only)!. Every time I suffer pain caused by "that", I will ask God why He created me as a girl and not boy. XD

Don't get me wrong, I don't hate being a girl, I just really really dislike the pain, other than that I'm OK with it. But again, who will like the pain right?

I experienced my worst last week. I was so weak that I begin to have headache other than stomach pain. My head begin to be dizzy, I can't walk straight and I started to vomit. I hit my worst when my world began to be yellow in colour!!! I couldn't stand, I think if I stood any longer I will black out. And the worst thing is, I'm not at home!!!!! I was like an hour plus journey from hostel.

I kind of pass out in the toilet for more than an hour before I felt better. Thank God I get better in time! If not I really don't know what to do. I did not have anything with me, not even my phone or my wallet. My beg was with my friend. XD

I think I really need to cut off my cold drinks and ice-cream. I don't want this happen again. My body is too weak to handle it... So envy of my friends that can drink cold water and even eat ice-cream during that period of time. And she don't feel any pain!!!! Why??!!!

Coincidently, my country was yellow that day, so do my world. ><


Oyan said...

You should really avoid cold drinks lar!!! Duhhhhh~ You mention about yellow in our country, do you wanna comment on that too? Haha! XD

QGirl said...

Avoiding from now onwards lo..... Nope... To heartbroken to say anything..l

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