Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Fats donor wanted!! anyone?

Since I got a job already, I have another reason to go shopping. To get more working cloths and fill up my boring wardrobe. Besides that, having a job means I will have income, which also means that I got money to shop!

But honestly, being skinny sucks! Yeah~ You read it right! It sucks to be skinny like me! Is super duper hard for me to buy cloths. Normal brands don't have size for me. Normally the smallest size they have is S, which is also too big for me. That's why I have no choice but to go and get more pricey brands. Is not at all fun being skinny. Is very costly, do you know that?

So to those out there, trying to slim down. Please don't slim down to my size. Is not worth it!!! I can't even shop for brands that I like just because I'm too small size. Why la?! why?!!! Uniqlo! why you no sell XS for me? why?!

Haih~ It seems like having money is not all that it takes, but having the right body size/shape is more essential.

It took me around 4 hours just to get a pair of pants and a shirt. And both of these I get from the same old brand that I used to wear. Want to buy something new also cannot. TT I tried on more than 20 outfits today, but it does't suits me at all. Is just too big.

That's why I started my plan of gaining weight by eating peanut butter. hahaha. My mom say I should eat butter instead, but I refuse to because butter have no taste. Anyway, I still can't see any sign of me gaining weight yet. And I do pray that I gain weight equally throughout my body, if not I might just have big tummy. Just from xs to x will be good enough! XD

How I wish there is some machine that can transfer fat. I sure there are many donors out there.


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