Monday, December 17, 2012

And my dad says, these 2 are daughters!

Went to Malacca for a short family holiday with sis and my papa and mama for the weekend. We decided to stop by my dad's friend's restaurant to have lunch. When my dad was paying, the below conversation took place:

Casher: You have two daughters?

Dad: Ya! 2 daughters!

Me: And one more son!

Dad: Ya, I have another son.

(Pause for a while and look at me)

Dad: But these 2 are daughters!

I gave my dad a look like below.

Hahaha! Sometimes I can really look like a dude! With my assets being so limited, is not difficult for me to look like a boy (if you know what I mean). But I don't mind looking like a boy or being misunderstood as a boy. Well, most of the time.

When I was in Singapore, it happens to me every time! When I give up a sit to an aunty she say "Thank you, ah boy!". When I go to the hawker centre, the aunty asked me "Ah boy, what you want to drink?". Some of my classmates even mistaken me as a boy on our first day of school. It was until I went into the girl's washroom only they realise I'm a girl. LOL!

Oh! I wore something like this when I was in that restaurant! Look like a boy meh? I kinna love this outfit combination!

By the way, Sorry guys! Didn't notice that the video in the previous post was not there until I check it this morning. If you guys did not watched the video, I encourage u do so by viewing my previous post here.


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