Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Things that I do #1

Wee!!! This is my first comic ever!!!! hehehehehehe~ I've been wanting to do this for a very long time already. But I always give up because back then it was just too difficult for me to make it happen. Somehow I just find it difficult to draw using software, or maybe I was using the wrong software to draw. I don't know.

But this time around having my iPad, it make things easier. I draw using iPad, color and edit using my computer. Is easier than I though, just that there is some details that I need to take note of. And many thanks to my sis, because with her support and nagging constant reminding, I finally got it done! 

So this is it, "Things that I Do #1". 

So the other day me and my sis went to the supermarket. And as you guys might notice, somewhere nearby the entrance there will be some sort of rack full with their brochure (or something something, those paper full with their promotion items). The rack was empty, but with the sign of "please take one" I can't help but to make a joke out of it. I went forward and took the rack. My sister was stunned! But she laugh too!

When I went back again after a few minutes, the whole rack was gone. My sis told me that those guards saw what I did. Do they really think that I will steal it? Owh please~

Hope you guys enjoy my first short comic. I will try to draw more. Already had one idea in mind regarding what I just did few days ago. haha~ I do silly stuff, is my thing! XD


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