Sunday, December 9, 2012

Be alert! No longer safe in Condominium/ Apartment compound

I went back to my hometown last weekend and my sister was left alone here in the apartment. On Saturday night when she came back from church, she almost got robbed. But thank God she is safe and nothing was stolen. This was how it happen. I hope that you can share it with your friends who stay in apartments or condominium. We always thought that having guards in the condominium compound means we are safe, but sadly this is no longer true.

As I said, I went back to hometown therefore my sister went to church alone on Saturday night. When she came back from church, it was around 8.00pm and it was raining. As usual she drove to our parking lot and came out from the car. Suddenly, a black car drove near and a Indian guy came out from the car. We always had our car washed by some of the Indians that offer car wash services, so my sister thought he was one of them and came to ask us to pay for their service. But to my sister's surprise, the first sentence utter by the men was "Kunci kereta mari!" (meaning: give me the car keys). My sister was stunned then the guy repeat the same sentence. When he saw my sister still did not do anything, he tried to grab her. But thank God my sister was fast and she quickly squad a little to avoid his hand then she run towards the guard while shouting very loud. There are 2 other girls that saw her, but unfortunately they were stunned too and did not do anything to help my sister. When my sister finally reach the guard, he looked blur and seems like clueless on what he suppose to do. It was my sister who told him to contact the main guard house to stop the car (which is at the entrance of the condominium), but instead of doing that, he asked my sister to walked to the guard house with him. At the guard house, my sister asked them if they saw any black car went out, but they say they did not notice anything. Which make us to think whether it is an inside job. Because come to think of it, if the guy succeed to steal our car, he would need a car pass to get out (since there will be no visitor pass for our car), therefore we believe that there is a high chance that it is an inside job.

So please friends, be careful! Do not think that as long as you are in the apartment/condominium compound you are safe. But for every minute and every second be alert of your surroundings. And friends, if next time you see someone shouting, please try not to just leave them alone. I know you might be afraid that it is some scheme to hurt/ harm you. But the least you can do, for yourself and the victim is to shout and get more attention.

Is sad, but the truth is we are no longer safe. So please be careful and alert.

I really believe that it is God protection that safe my sister. Is kind of supernatural for a girl to react so quickly in that kind of situation. And I thank God that when the car came (there were more than one person, one driving and another came down from the car), they did not stop it directly behind our car, if not it might be impossible for my sister to get away. I also thank God that the person did not chase after my sister after she ran away if not who will know what might happen. I'm truly grateful that she is safe.


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