Saturday, December 1, 2012

"Do whatever you like" line

The word "unemployed" sound so negative, that's why I've found ways to describe my current position. The other day when all my CG members were introducing themselves and what line/industry they were in, I told them I'm in the "do whatever you like" line. hahaha. Stupid me, come out with all sorts of silly ideas. I thought of another one too! Next time I'll introduce myself as a full time "house-sister"(inspired by the word "housewife"). Since I'm cooking for my sister, it sounds appropriate right?

In the end, iPhone 5 is still not launched yet. Sigh~ Sort of expected it though, but is ok, is good for me too since I'm low (very very low) in income for now.

Saw the below video on FB the other day. Man! Samsung is becoming a game changer! (Maybe like what Apple did long ago?) Just be viewing this video makes me want to buy it already (since I want to have a smaller camera). I LOVE their expert mode! Man! is like using a DSLR with preview of it. It will be way much easier to control all the settings. And I do have to say this again, is super light and small compare to DSLR!!!! Argh!!!Mister Santa Clause, I've been a very good girl this year, can I have this for Christmas??

Just in case Santa Clause isn't real, I better practice more and take more photos. Hopefully by the time I hit 2000, they already come out with something better, lighter and more user friendly. Hm... maybe when the time comes, the price would be lower too? XD

Here's some pictures of my nephew! Cute little guy, not afraid of strangers and don't cry. But also hard to entertain, he don't smile at all!!! Act cool! XD


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