Sunday, December 23, 2012

Things That I Do #2

Ever since I started working, I have less time drawing. Not only that, because I need to bring my laptop to work, I seldom on my laptop when I'm at home. I will only take it out during the weekend. I still draw during the week, just need my laptop to put color and stuff. So I think from now on I can only finish up my comics on weekends.  Do bare with me until I get myself another laptop, which will not be in the near future I guess.

Anyway, here you are, Things That I Do #2. 

I think this is funny, but somehow my drawing don't show it. So the story is this, I went to a bank the other day and there was a very long queue. Then suddenly out of no where I got a stomachache. But banks being banks have no toilets. So out of desperation, I went out and look for a toilet. Thank God there is a fast food restaurant next door but I was embarrassed to just go in to use the toilet because the counter is directly in front of the entrance. So I went in and pretended to talk on the phone saying stupid things like "Where are you?!" "What?! you are not here yet?!" "okok! I wait for you" and acted like I was waiting for someone in WcD. Then when no one was looking, I ran into the toilet. hahahahahahaha! So much acting just to go toilet. Stupid! But after that, I just walk out of the restaurant like nobody's business. What done is done, what can they do right? XD

Does the drawing make sense now? Haha~ I will try harder next time. 


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