Friday, August 10, 2012

An old tale

I don't remember why but I suddenly remembered one of a blog post I posted long long long ago. Since I've change my blog for several of time, I had a very very very hard time to recall in which blog I posted that particular post. I've searched for a few hours before I found it, the blog wasn't under my current blogger account but another one. Which I've totally forgotten the ID and password. But thank God for traces on the internet, I finally found it!!! And to avoid things like this to happen again, I've put it under my current ID.

Man! I really change a lot of blog for the past few years! I've started blogging around end of 2007 and beginning of 2008. That means I've been blogging for almost 4 years. 4 freaking long years! And after spending the whole afternoon reading my first blog, I realise I've change a lot since then in term of my writing and my thinking. It really brings back a lot of memories, all those past hurts and happiness. I've out grown from all those past journey I guess. 

Anyway, this is the post I was looking for:-
it was dark although at that moment is already morning. sitting alone in the room make everything around me seems scary. his words are still clear in my mind at the moment and that thrills me off.

i was alone, sitting on my bed. i dun even dare to look around as there is no one besides me. i try to cry out loud but nothing came out of my mouth. at that moment i was scared.

i tried to act normal, but i knew that my facial expression and the way i speak show it all. it was obvious to anyone that i was scared to death.

he try to talk to me, but i ignore it. i act as if i didn't heard anything from his mouth. but i did heard clearly what he tried to tell me. i do not want to listen any of it at the moment because the only thing in my mind is to run away as far as possible, as far as possible from him.

but as they always say, things will not always go as what we had plan. i struggle on my way out. the journey that should take me a sec took hours. at last when i step out of there i was glad. I'm very happy at that moment but yet fear still run in my heart.

i went down, way down. i call for help, ask for advice, ask for direction, ask for comfort. and there they were, ready to hear whatever i wanted to say. i was lucky that they haven't leave.

then i went back, to tidy up the mess. still acting like nothing happen. i were quick in doing all my stuff, then i ran away.

but sad, my nightmare did not just end like that. he came to my side. i was scared. fear run back to my mind and struck my heart. i had to act normal, as normal as possible. but i knew that moment, the harder i tried the more obvious it shows that i was scared of him.

i think he realized that I'm not as normal as usual, he ask me whether i am scared of him. i dint answer but i stood still, waiting for the right moment. then when the chance came, i ran away, far away from him. i did not looked back, as i do not had the guts to look back. i just continue to run.

when i lost sight of him, i was glad. tired but glad and relive.


Maybe some of you might be wondering who is this guy. But trust me, after you know the truth, you will be like "cheh~~~~~~~"  

So the truth is this, it was 4 years ago when I was still staying in Cyberjaya with my friends. One of my housemates (a girl by the way, just incase you are wondering) who was staying in the master room was the only one at home with me (I stayed in the middle room). Our room are next to each other. That morning I was wide awake and was looking at the ceiling being lazy and planning my journey back to my hometown. Then I heard her kicking and punching the wall in her room. I was sooooooo shocked and scared! I don't deal well with people that is angry. It scare the hell out of me!!! Then I quickly pack my stuff and run for my life! But sadly the bus played a joke on me and it did not came until my housemate come down. So we were sitting together for the whole bus and train journey. I was super duper scare but I "acted" normal. But I'm not a good actor, she look through me and said I was a bit weird. But thank God we took different route back, or else something bad might happen to me!

I have no idea how I think of this way to write how I felt. But is kind of fun, don't you think so??


Oyan said...

lol~ i want to say this. The story that you presented in your old blog is way better and interesting than the realy story that you have just revealed. Hahaha~

ConstanceSQ said...

I should write like this more often right??? And not reveal the real story!!! XD

Oyan said...

>~< Else yr reader, me very kolian~ XD

ConstanceSQ said...

Lol... But if know the reality jiu not fun d-~~~

Oyan said...


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