Thursday, August 16, 2012

A man forgotten

Upon reading my old blog I was reminded of a friend. Not that I have totally forgotten about him, just that I don't remember about my friendship with him. He wasn't someone that I was interested in, he was a boy friend of my friend. And I got to know him through her. I forget his name already, Rick or Ricky? For the sake of this post, I will just call him Rick. 

As I mentioned, Rick was my friend's boy friend. I saw him once when I accompanied my friend to visit him. And since then we somehow became good friends. I was very happy that both of them are together, and I always supported him as my friend's boy friend. 

Then one night, he called my friend and broke up with her. Weird enough I was the one who cried and not my friend. Think of it now, I was being silly. Silly enough to cry for a guy who wasn't even my boy friend.Well, I think the reason I cried was because I felt betrayed, nothing hurts more when the person you trusted betrayed you. I think before the breakup he told me a lot of things about himself, and after the breakup he also told me a lot of "reasons" which until now I have no idea whether is real or not.
We lost contact after that incident, so I have no clue where is he right now.

Anyway, that year happened a lot of things that I've choose to forget. Reading that old blog really brings back memories. Might talk bout that next time.

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