Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Toy Portraits~

I'm a BIG fan of photography~ But with my working schedule in the picture, is kind of hard for me to find time to go out and just have fun snapping around. TT

Therefore I've came out with something call "Toy Portraits". Is basically portraits pictures of my toys! XD (btw, I'm a doll lover too~ my bed is crowded with dolls until there is literally no space for me to sleep~ ^^)

Here's my first attempt on toy portraits~ The model of the day -- Mund Mund (named after my friend~ XD)

I'm crawling towards you~~

I don't know~ Don't ask me!!! ><

Mama~ I'm scared of thunder~ TT

I'm a hip-hop lover!

I'm shy because I'm cute! XD

If you have passion, you won't have excuses to stop pursuing it!


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