Friday, September 9, 2011

ANTI anti-discrimination

Coptic churches are threatening to pull their children from Toronto’s Catholic schools if the board goes ahead with its equity policy which includes anti-homophobia measures.

Representers of the church even state that they will build their own church if they have to and they could afford it because they are a very wealthy church.

“In these young grades, we don’t want teachers talking about God creating Adam and Steve. Is Adam and Eve!”

“As Christ said, everyone is welcome to sit at my father’s table. So we don’t discriminate, we just don’t believe in homosexuality.” -- Jeremiah Attaalla, priest at Ti agia maria and St Demiana Coptic Orthodox church.

When I read the last statement above, I broke in to laughter. How can someone make such a contradict statement?! We don’t discriminate, we just don’t believe it? Is like saying I don’t hate you I just don’t like you. Does it make any sense? Well, to me it doesn’t. And the fact that he said they don’t discriminate make me want to laugh even louder! He is basically slapping his own statement!

Churches are THREATENING the schools to pull their kids out just because equity policy includes anti-homophobia measures. They would even go through all kinds of troubles to build a school just to make sure their kids are “Protected”?!! WOW! What a way of showing they DON’T discriminate.

The school equity policy is to stop kids from DISCRIMINATING homosexual kids, stop bullying them, stop making fun of them, and stop HOMOPHOBIA because all of us are equal. But the church’s act of pulling their kids from school just because of this policy shows me nothing but discrimination.

How could they say they are not discriminating?!

The policy is an ANTI-DISCRIMINATION of homosexuals. So, going against this policy makes it what? ANTI anti-discrimination?? Well, all of us know “negative x negative = positive” , so they ARE discriminating!!!

Is sad for me to see Christians discriminate people and yet they say they don’t!

Walk the walk!!! Don’t just talk the talk!


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