Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Please prepare your heart

I still cannot believe that is November already! I haven't even heard or sang the song "Wake me up when September ends".

(I wanted to post the original MV but man, the intro and story is freaking long!!!!! )

Gosh~ time flies!!! And apparently it flies even quicker when you have nothing to do at home. Ya~ I'm sill unemployed. And man! This feeling sucks! My perfect plan was to start work by November, and until now, I only have one interview waiting for me this Thursday. I got rejected by all the other companies that I was hoping to get. If the situation is not going to change, I think I will be out of my mind!!!

I finally found the installer for the Pokemon game I was talking about and I kept playing non-stop since I have nothing to do. But I'm getting a bit sick of it already. Kinda meaningless I guess, or maybe is just not as productive (in giving me joyful feeling) as it used to be. >< I still play for a while when I'm watching drama, apparently I still have my multitasking skills.

This is how my screen look like most of the time

So to fill up my time, I found a few new addictions and one of it is singing. This is what happen. We all know Jayeslee is a big hit right? So last year when we went to our family trip, I was joking with my sister that we should do something like that! I shall learn the guitar and we should start practicing. I even told my sis that we could be the Chinese version of Jayeslee! Haha. I had no idea where the confidence came from. But then this "master plan" of ours didn't work out since I went to Singapore for 7 months. I brought it up last few weeks and me and my sister started singing and before I knew it,she was recording my singing. No offence to Samsung, but the clip that she recorded was way bad in quality. So I decided to record it myself using my beloved iPad. Long story short, you can hear me singing here. Please prepare your heart before you click play. XD

If you heard it, the "wu~~ wu~~" part scares me too! XD

The second addiction that I have now is drawing. I like to draw, most of the time I draw with my iPad or if I'm drawing myself, I'll draw on a piece of paper. But I stop drawing for sometime already. But with new colours available in my iPad app "Paper", I'm addicted to drawing again. And this time I even bought myself drawing book to do some old school style of drawing and colouring. I'm not a pro in drawing, but I enjoy every single second of it. Will show you guys the pichas in my next post! 


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