Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Gonna catch them all!!!

Although my sister continues her obsession with the legendary Taiwanese drama "Meteor Garden" ( she even said that she would want to buy the DVD as a collection so that her children can watch) , I myself have found another childhood addiction. As I think of it now, I never really watch the original series before, but I was a fan of their stickers collection. I remember spending all my pocket money just to get not one but two full collection of the stickers. Ya~~~ good old primary six memories.

With the familiar voice shouting "pika~ pika~", I'm watching at least 2 episodes of pokemon a day! I can't really stop myself but too keep on watching. It sort of went out of control that's why I trying to control myself. I have no idea why I'm addicted to it, the series I'm watching now is not even the original version that I used to know. Apparently they have more than one version.  but one thing for sure, it does make me feel like playing the game all over again. Just the thought of increasing my Pokemon level excites me. But I can't find the installer, so lets see if I will still have the urge when I found my installer.

On another totally unrelated note, Destiny Oh have left us for more than 5 months. I still remember clearly when I heard the news in Singapore. I went out of my hostel to the park opposite, sitting there crying. She's a fighter, she's our inspiration. When things get bad and I think about her, I found new strength. Life isn't that bad after all. If she could fight with all her might to breath, I can fight through the pain to stand or sit. If she can use a 3 days to impact the world, I should really make use of my every second.

Someone wrote this beautiful poem featuring Destiny. Is very beautiful. And it really kept me thinking, what have I done for the past 3 days.

Is after watching this video, it reminded me to appreciate what I have. Is because of this that I realise I do need to control myself. Being unemployed does not mean I should spend my time watching Pokémon, there are more meaningful things for me to do. 

Baby D, I'm missing you very much.

Saw this on Pinterest few days ago. Never thought of it before, but is very very true!!!

So I guess, being unemployed or not is ok. As long as I live it to the fullest as I know how.

In everything and anything, just keep smiling!!!!! 


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