Friday, October 5, 2012

Meraki Zoe

I really hate to do this again, but I this time, I changed for a super duper valid reason - The Power of Speech!!!!

So I said before that I will never ever ever again change my blog link. Oops... I break my promise. I came across "The Power of Speech" a few times in the past few months, and every time I heard about it, I couldn't help but to consider to change my blog link. But because I wanted to stay committed to God know who that is reading my blog, so I always wiped that thought out.

But recently I keep telling my friend that I don't think I look pretty and stuff, was very discouraged on this area, and when I came across "The Power of Speech" again, I couldn't help but to think that somehow I really make myself feel like I'm not pretty.

So I decided not to take any risk and just change my blog link. Having "The Power of Speech" fresh in my mind, I'm very careful in choosing my link this time. I thought of every single possible link that could work, I wanted to put something random like "Apple to Zebra" or "Elephant can't run", but they just don't seem right to me. I literally cracked my head on this and I decided to go Pinterest to get some inspiration! haha~ And guess what?! I came across this::

It caught my attention, passion, soul and creativity! I want to live my life that way, write that way, draw that way and snap pictures that way! So I thought of putting "Meraki Life", but it doesn't sound very nice to me. It sounded like some insurance company name. After randomly thinking of a word that could go with it, a light bulb blinked in my mind and I thought of the word "zoe". Other than the fact that "Zoe" is commonly used as a name, but it is actually a Greek word that means life. Since Merika is also a Greek word, then is a perfect match! Meraki Zoe~

I don't know whether the usage of the word is correct or not, but don't care la~ Is good enough for me, cause to me, it means living my life with passion, soul and creativity!


Oyan said...

may..rah..kee..zoh..eee... XD

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